What to do with unused Gift Card?

So what do you do with a left over gift card? It may be awhile before returning to Disney.

Not into buying Disney merchandise, so was curious if anyone had any cool ideas. Thanks

You can sell it or save it. They never expire.

They work at the Disney store or you could always give them to me lol.

That is one of the problems I have with using Disney GCs to “save” for a vacation - they are pretty much a one trick pony. What if you change your mind and want to go somewhere in the real world for a vacation, or you have some sort of emergency and need the funds? Better to put your money in a savings account or buy unbranded Visa/MC/Amex GCs that can be used pretty much anywhere.

Yeah, I normally “under plan” with GC’s for that reason alone. But in this case we spent much less than anticipated.

Yeah you can sell it or spend it (or keep it). Need any kids birthday presents in the future, or Halloween costumes, or Star Wars gifts? That’s probably what I’d do with it if I had a gift card I couldn’t use anytime in the next year or so. Also check out the Shop Parks app - might find something useful to buy on there … H2O soap or something.