What to do with shorty while waiting for taller family memberts to ride

Any favorite tips for what to do with my under 40’’ preschooler while my taller family members partake of some of the bigger attractions (esp. Big Thunder, Splash and Space in MK; Dino and EE at AK; Soarin and Test Track at EP; and Star Tours and TT at HS). I’m especially looking for nearby play areas/attractions in that same area.

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At MK there is a small playground under splash for waiting kids, could do that for BTMR also or go to Tom Sawyers then. Ride Buzz lightyear if wait is short or people over during space mountain wait.
At AK boneyard and Dino dumbo like ride are near Dinosaur. EE has some animal trails/exhibits near it.
At Epcot, TT used to have car displays under the ride. My littlest loved climbing in and out and pretending to drive the real cars there. I don’t know if it is still set up that way since the last time I was there TT was closed for refurb. Mission space has a playground underneath it. I can’t remember what we did near Soarin maybe a snack in the pavilion. Living with the land is there but we rode that together after Soarin.
HS is the hardest because nothing is close the tower of terror except RNR. I think we just hung out in the stroller and took a break. The HISTK playground is at the other end of the park but a good place to hang out if you want to separate for awhile for the big rides.

While my son took his turns riding space mountain, our daughter got extra rides on the people mover (TTA), she loved it, and we often were allowed extra turns on it without getting off.

Great suggestions, thanks!