What to do when we get off track?

I’m pretty sure I know the answer, but just want to make sure. If we have some unexpected magic, or stop to enjoy an area or gift shop, and we get off schedule, I’m thinking we pick the schedule back up based on time, and not on attraction?
Also, is there a way to update that in the lines app? I was playing with it today from home, in the middle of the day, and my plan was still starting at 8 am. So if I"m off track, do I need to go to the alphabetical list of each ride to see what the wait is of the next thing on my list to determine whether to skip it or not? TIA

You can either just keep doing the next thing on the list and see if you catch up if it wasn’t too long a detour.

Or, you can click Evaluate and let the app readjust wait time estimates and go from there.

Important: do NOT click optimize if you want the attractions to stay in the same order.

I use evaluate a few times per day once we get going, since there’s always something that detoured us or didn’t take as long as expected.

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I hit evaluate, but it was still starting my plan at 8, even though I had checked some things off as DONE. (oh, btw, how can I get those back for my real trip?)

The Unofficial Guide suggests skipping 1 step for every 20 minutes of delay.

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Once you mark something as “Done”, you can always scroll to the bottom of the plan and find it again, then click “Undo” and it will go back into the live plan.

I believe using Evaluate for a plan before the actual day it is set for will always use the start and end times you have set in the plan. So, once you marked things as done it would shift everything else forward to that plan start time at 8AM.

If you use Evaluate in the park on the day of the plan, it will re-evaluate using the current time moving forward.

Another important tip: Once you get your plans to the point you like them, I suggest you make copies of them as backup. (You can find the Copy button at the top of the plan in a browser, don’t think you can copy in the app.) I find that VERY useful because at least once a trip I pull my phone out of my pocket and found that somehow OPTIMIZE has run and moved all of my steps around.

Below is a screen shot example for Undo. You might need to click on the image to see the whole thing.

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ok, that makes sense now, but bit bummed I can’t test it. I already will have physical paper copies with me, that’s a good idea! Thanks so much!

Unless you have gone significantly off-plan, I would just stick with the order as it stands - in my experience the plans work pretty well on an overall basis, with pluses and minuses evening out over the course of the day.

However, if I go off track I use Optimize to work out the best plan based on current conditions and what I have left to do. The important things to remember before re-optimizing are to make sure that everything you have completed is marked as ‘Done’ in your plan, and that the most recent attraction you have completed is the last one you have marked as done (that way the optimizer knows where you are in the park).

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You can test it if you like: create a plan for a day you won’t be in Park (like for today) and then make up some imaginary detours from plan and try clicking done on some things, undoing others, waiting past the TP estimated time, then hitting Evaluate, etc.