What to do when the parks close early?

My family is having a reunion at the end of January. We have just discovered that both world of color, and fantasmic will be closed down and both parks will be closed down at 8:00 pm. We are staying at the Grand Californian. What should a family of 12 ages ranging from 5 to 60 do after 8:00 pm?

If you’re down to eat a very late dinner, make reservations to eat downtown in Downtown Disney restaurant or at any of the hotel restuarants, there’s also a movie theater in downtown Disney if you want to catch a movie. There’s also a lot of retail shops through Downtown Disney, particularly the large Disney store World of Disney that is always enjoyable for me to meander. Check the schedule too to see if they have any performances in Downtown Disney- sometimes they do. At the very least enjoy some downtime in the room after one of those activities to get a full night’s rest to be ready to open the parks in the morning.

Agree with the above. There are MANY good places to eat (and drink) in DTD (as well as the GC and DLH) ranging from QS to high-end signature dining, and enough places to shop to keep you busy for a while. World of Disney and the Lego store will probably both be popular with the kids in the group. And if some of the adult members of the group want to “party” a bit, it’s nice to know that your room is only a 5-10 min walk away…

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How did I forget to mention the Lego Store? That’s always a HUGE draw for the kids and a great spot to get some neat pictures with the Lego creations around. Build A Bear or the one where you design your own remote control car are fun ones too (the name escapes me…).