What to do on Day 5: Revisit MK or another park?

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I’m planning a 5 day first time trip with two kids age 4 and 6. The plan is EC-AK-MK-MK and then ???

I was planning to wing it for the last day but I’d like to make FP reservations for planning purposes.

Is it worth planning a third day at MK? Or should we do a repeat of Epcot or AK? Your thoughts are appreciated.

In case it matters:
–staying offsite at some Marriott
–With iffy fall weather I’d like to not plan a water park
–It doesn’t look like HS would be of much interest to our family
–MK closes at 6 that last day due to special party (we would do that but our kids will zonk out by 9 :slight_smile:


I would suggest you stick to your “wing it” idea. That way, after you’ve done the three parks, you can determine which of the three you want to revisit. I’m going to bet it will be MK or AK, but likely MK.

Thanks! Is Epcot not as much of a hit with the kids?

I saw wing it. You will know what your kids will enjoy by day 3. Also, I thought we did lot at AK when we went of the summer 2016…but now that I am planning another trip…there is plenty at AK that we missed and we did not have Pandora last year. You may want to consider that.

Ultimately, you have small kids…it will really depend on what they are into. If they are excited or scared about some things. Character greetings (this took hours but my kids were excited) and your pace. Either way, you will be the world’s greatest parent in their eyes that week.

btw…we (8 yo boy, 6 yo Girl) found epcot as being interesting…but…more looking at things and less riding. Things to do there that you should look into is Frozen, Soarin and Test Track (if your kids like speed). You may be good with a day there…but depends what your kids are into.

I would say make the call after you’ve been to each park once (e.g. after day 3). Most kids that age like MK the best, but if you have animal lovers, AK might win out. If you feel the need for advance FPPs, make them for MK re-rides; if AK wins out, then you can change them after day 3.

Make day 3 a rest day. Two park days on either side.

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This is the advice I read and dismissed on our first trip. By day 3 we were tired and a break from the parks would have been refreshing.

I actually agree with this. After 2 days, a dip in the pool and relaxing is great. But…I think it largely depends on how action packed each day was. I did not know if we would return, so my plan a lot in it…so a rest day in between was necessary. If you are taking breaks during the park days…you may be fine.

I would reserve FPs in advance, knowing that you can always change it once you’re there and go the “wing it” route. but you’ll also have them already should you then want them. When you’re making your list of FPs, if there’s a park where you find yourself thinking “I wish I could have some extra FPs for this one”, then go with that for your last day.

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@felicia3333 basically said what i had in mind. Make fps for last day. Set for the magic kingdom. Tou can always let those go and switch parks.