What to do next if anything?

DL veterans, headed for our first trip to WDW on 4/7. I have my ADRs planned, with some backups. I have my FPP all fine tuned. I have some good TP that I can tweak on the edges, but don’t want to upend plans I am comfortable with. I’ve ordered a few extra things from Amazon, ponchos, extra portable charger, backpack. It’s too early to pack. I find myself checking wait times every day just to have a feel (even though our CL should hopefully be less), looking at the 10-15 day weather forecasts, and coming to this forum for anything I may have missed. So, what else should I be doing? other than being non productive at work and really just waiting for this trip…

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In all honesty, it sounds like you have things pretty well taken care of. I’m a last minute packer; other than making sure I have laundry done, I rarely do any more than a day or two before. There are some who are advocates of “soft packing”; gathering up things you want to take but don’t use on a daily basis and putting them in one location - but I’m not one of them.

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Do you have Magical Express (or some other sort of ground transport) booked?

Good catch since I didn’t mention it, but yes. Flying in late Friday. Staying at Hampton inn by airport. Then taking shuttle back to airport Saturday morning for DME :heavy_check_mark:

My one bit of advice would be to not get comfortable with your plans - keep tweaking them, and be prepared to re-optimize on the fly if they are not working out.

Right now I’ve got 2 MK days as one plan each, with a 3-4 hour break in the middle. Should i break up the plans into am and pm? Would that make it more efficient to optimize?

No, it is fine as it is.