What to do - lunch at MK

Right now we have lunch reservation at BOG at 1:30 on a MK day. I’m contemplating changing it to the FOF Tony’s lunch package (I know - it is a TS vs a QS). Not sure what to do. We have the FOF lunch reserved on an earlier day, but this new day I’m contemplating fits our plans better. But, then we would drop the BOG lunch all together. What to do???

Also, we do have a BOG breakfast on a different day. Can you get the “grey stuff” at breakfast? :slight_smile:

Personally I have never been a big fan of BOG. The food is so so and if you have been there before, well the thrill is basically not worth the cost. Columbia Harbor House is a QS and is quite good. Now that BOG wants 2 DDP credits for Dinner we don’t even look at the place. OK a QS in the afternoon isn’t bad but the Beast rarely shows up except at Dinner.

Yes to the gray stuff. It’s on a cupcake called the masters cupcake for lunch and breakfast.

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Tony’s has, I believe the worst rating of all MK places to eat (current Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World ratings - Overall 2 1/2 stars, Quality 3 stars, Value 2 stars, 71% yes, 29% No). The way the sauce is described is that it is something out of a can and you can taste the metal taste. The only reason we are going there is for the desserts. On a side note, they do have a new chef (something like past 6 months), so this may mean its improving but I;ve not really heard good things about it and didn’t like it last time I ate there for full meal. Of course, this is in MHO.

We ate at Tonys in August and it was really good. Husband and I enjoyed our meals.

As I said, they have a new chef so I;m guessing things are changing. I’m glad you had a good meal there.

Something to think about. We mobile ordered Columbia House about 10 minutes before the muppets show started. Food ready and picked up in 5 minutes at MS kiosk while main lines for take out looked 100 deep. And we sat in Liberty Square and ate lunch while we watched the muppets. Knocked out two birds with one stone.