What to do if MDE fails while I am in the parks?


Like many other posters on here, I consistently have problems with MDE–plans and FPP’s not showing up as they should, behaded Olafs, etc. It’s been terrible. I have been counting on using my phone to book 4th+ same day FPP’s for my upcoming trip in October, but am thinking that malfunction of MDE is quite likely. How have you dealt with a bad MDE while trying to get same-day FPP’s? I know there are kiosks, but phone-wise is there anything I can do while I am there?


Use app and website browser on your phone. I’ve had luck with 1 of the 2 working :woman_shrugging:


also, there are FPP kiosks in the park. I don’t think they are anybody’s first choice, but if your phone is absolutely not working, you could always use one of those (if they are working).


On the simple side, keep a list of already done ADRs and FP’s outside of MDE so you don’t have to consult the App to remember what your plans are. Won’t help in grabbing a 4th, but will give you piece of mind that you remember your FOP is at 1PM and you have time to make it without missing out…


During our first trip I had to delete and then reinstall MDE. That helped!


How reliable is wireless in the parks for doing all of that?


I found that the Disney wifi was available any place where my wireless did not have coverage (inside some ride buildings).


We were spotty on being able to get Disney wifi. It didn’t work at all near TOT in HS but worked great in the line for FOP at AK and in most restaurants! We used the fastpass kiosks several times because we couldn’t get wifi.


Yes, I do find that reinstalling helps periodically as well.