What to do before cruise?

Don’t know how it happened, but I have been so focused on the WDW part of our vacation I have completely (well, not completely…) forgotten that we also have a cruise coming up!
Am I supposed to do something beforehand?
Check in? What about dining? Did I read somewhere that you can choose times?
And what about boarding time? How and when do we know when to board?
So many questions! :smile:

Step 1: Got your passport (or other document you’re using to prove that you’re you for the sake of getting back in the country)? If not, you’ll want to look at your options ASAP.

Step 2: Got your confirmation number for the cruise? Faboo! If not, look around and find it/contact your TA to get it.

Step 3: All paid up for your cruise? If not, make sure you keep an eye on the date when you need to pay – and pay it. :smile:

Step 4: Head over to http://disneycruise.disney.go.com – from there, in the upper right corner under “Planning Center”, you’ll see an option for My Online Check-in (and it goes without saying, if you don’t have an account on the Disney sites yet, you’ll need to make one).

Step 5: Watch the really cute video for My Online Checki-n. No, seriously, it’s hilarious…it’s a great little Goofy cartoon that explains the online check-in process.

Then you just follow the steps to enter your information and pick an arrival time at the port.

At that point, that’s all you need to do – but when you’re logged in on the site, you can do things like book port adventures, spa appointments, upgraded dining (like Palo and Remy), and so on.

For dining, every time I’ve booked with my TA, the paperwork I get says which seating we’re at (early or late). If I’ve wanted to change that, I just drop her a note and say that I want the other time slot and she puts in the request to change for me. If you get on board the ship and suddenly find you don’t like your time slot or dining rotation, you can ask to get it changed first thing when you arrive on board and they’ll work hard to accommodate any requests.

But yeah, it’s actually very easy to get ready for a cruise when it comes to the paperwork…I kept thinking I must be missing something because it couldn’t be this easy. Eventually you’ll get a cruise packet with your luggage tags and all the other information that you need. Pour an appropriate drink, kick back on your couch (pretending it is a hammock) and read through it to really get your vacation vibe on. Enjoy!

Thank you for great info!
We’re traveling from Norway, so passports are ok. :wink:
And we are 30 days out, so everything is paid.
So now I’ll check out the planning page and check-in! Thanks again!