What timeshares are closest to Universal?

What timeshares are closest to Universal?

I think Westgate Lakes Resort is pretty close to Universal Studios.

We stayed in Floridays Resort one year…I just can’t say for sure how far from Universal it was. My memory is fuzzy. We liked it.

Orange Lake is really nice as well, but I think it is closer to Disney than Universal.

We are staying at the Marriott Cypress Harbour Villas. Haven’t stayed there before but Mapquest lists it as a 6.2 mile/14 minute drive.

And I am staying at Marriott’s Grand Vista. Fairly close - almost as close as Cypress Harbour but I’ll have to cross I-drive to get there (or drive down I-drive for a piece). I’ve also stayed at Cyrpess Pointe Grand Villas near Disney but it’s very near Turkey Lake Road that gets you to Universal from the west like Westgate Lakes. All of these timeshares are very do-able and relatively close. Knowing your terrain on a map helps you to choose the backroads to get around instead of using I-drive or I-4.

BlueGreen the Fountains, Floridays, and Sheraton Vistana Villages are all less than 10 minutes away on International Dr South. Very easy drive. (Jump on 4 right before the Convention Center) We have stayed at the Fountains multiple times. In August we are staying at the Shraton…Got excellent deal through MouseSavers website.

Sheraton Vistana is our home resort. Enjoy…they keep raising our yearly dues to keep prices low for folks like you! :smiley: In all honesty it’s beautiful and I hope you enjoy your stay there! We’ll be doing the Hilton Grand Vacations Tuscany in order to get 3 bedrooms this time.

I figure that was said tongue in cheek, but the truth is, it is the opposite. People staying in the formerly timeshare-only resorts as “hotel guests” are actually helping to keep DOWN yearly dues for timeshare owners. This is because the timeshare industry collapsed, and many were headed toward bankruptcy. That is why many timeshare locations are no longer exclusively timeshares. They need to bring in more revenue to offset the burden of the cost of the property. Without that, the burden falls on the timeshare owners themselves. It is actually in the best interest of timeshare owners to encourage friends/family/complete strangers to stay at their resort location. :slight_smile:

Yes, definitely tongue in cheek. We’d never buy one outright. We “bought” it from my mom, who got divorced and could no longer pay the yearly dues. We usually use it on exchange since we live overseas, but we’ve kept it (and decided to “buy” it in the first place) because the yearly dues are less than we’d pay for a moderate hotel room for the five of us. We didn’t pay anything for it other than what we pay each year for the taxes and fees, so we’ve definitely gotten a good deal.

I really don’t care if people stay there, I’m happy for others to get a good deal! It is a very nice place. I haven’t been there since 2000, though. We own Christmas to New Year’s week, if anyone ever wants to use it then just let me know! :wink:

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