What time to queue with 7am EPA?

Quick question about Early Park Admission. At the moment it’s 7am. Does anyone have experience of what queuing is like when it’s that early? Are there long queues before 7am? What time did you queue from? 6.30? 6? Thanks!

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Standard advice these days is to arrive about 45-60 mins before opening to be at the front of the crowd.
The closer to opening, the bigger the crowd that’s gathered.



They had been letting people into the parks about 10 minutes before EPA time. So about 6:50. When you arrive at the first attraction, they are usually still doing test runs which can last til after 7:00. Of course some get delayed at times if there are any issues during testing. But if you arrive as early as @Shmebulock says, there will be basically no line at the attraction entrance queue.

During spring break, we left Royal Pacific at 6:30 am and got to the line around 6:45 or so. We were probably two hundred or so people back.

I would rather wait in line at the ride for a bit longer than wake up early and wait outside the park.

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Good point. But, you will also have longer waits then at your second attraction. But maybe those extra wait minutes are minimal.