What time to leave the house?

I am hoping to be ready to RD our 2 park days, I would like to be in place at the parks around 8:30.We are staying off site.
My plan is this: Mon 2/17 Epcot ,RD Soarin, Leave house 7:45, 15 minute drive, to EP, 30 min to get through Security.

Tues.2/18 MK .RD BTMRR Leave house 7:30, Drive to MK 15 min. Monorail/Ferry 15 min Security 30 min.
Does this seem correct,or should I adjust? Thanks.

First I would check that drive time to the parks. So many places advertise 15 minutes but it’s usually measuring to the exit off the main road! I would double that estimate unless you have stayed there before and know for sure you can drive it in 15 minutes.

Also, just so you know. Coming to the MK you now go through security either before boarding the monorail or ferry.

And if MK has a 9am opening time, the gates open at 8am. Everyone is allowed onto Main Street and down to the Hub. Rope dropping BTMRR shouldn’t be an issue but by 8:30 there could be a throng of people already at the Hub.

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I suggest you leave earlier than that. You have to account for queuing up at the Magic Kingdom toll plaza, then parking, walking to a Tram, riding the Tram to the TTC, going through security, waiting on either the Ferry or Monorail, riding the Ferry/Monorail to either park, getting off and walking to the park gate, and scanning your Magic Band to get into the park. The monorail takes longer to get to Epcot than it does the Magic Kingdom. I would definitely adjust unless you don’t mind being in a hurry the entire time.

We just did EP a few days ago. It was a CL 6 day. We weren’t trying to RD, but we were there right before opening. We were parked so close that we had to walk in as they didn’t have a tram for that area. We were through bag check and in the park in only 15 min. (walking from car to in the park in 15 min)