What time to board bus at AOA for 8am BOG

We are staying at AOA. What time do we need to catch a bus for an 8am BOG reservation?

EDIT - I just saw your other post about your travel dates being during Thanksgiving.

Buses start running an hour before park opening - including EMH. It’s going to take 40+ minutes - maybe more with this being a holiday time - to get to & through TTC and etc… and actually get into the parks.

I’d be out there as early as possible. Buses do tend to fill up at busy times of the year.

Is a ride share, like Uber or Lyft, to the Contemporary Hotel an option for you? I don’t know your group size or if you have car seats for small children. You can get there in a few minutes and take the 5 - 10 minute walk straight to security.

Last month we had an 8:10am BOG and were at Pop. We targeted to be at the stop before 7:15am. We did well and were on a bus that left Pop by 7:10am. We wanted pictures with minimal people in them. Not certain when we were through security (no lines) but we waited 10 to 15 minutes before anyone with PPO’s were allowed to enter the park. I think they let us in just after 7:50am

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Park opening that day is 9am. Our reservation for BOG is at 8am.

This… :smiley: To clarify by “early” I’d be out there at the bus stop 6:40am - 6:45am waiting on that first bus.

We did this from AoA on an EMM day as well. We didn’t get the first bus but were on a bus by 7:11. Arrived at MK at 7:39 so we only had to wait a couple minutes to be key in. Even with EMM we were still able to get a photo pass photo at the Castle with little wait. We did end end up at BOG at 8:06 but that was fine. There were still plenty of tables by the snow windows and we were still done by 8:40 or so.