What time to be in line for rope drop at DL and DCA?

Apologies if this is somewhere, but we are in Sequoia NP with limited service.
What time should we be in line for rope drop at both parks? We go to DW every other year so we know what to do there, but haven’t been to DL in a number of years.

Thanks in advance!!

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For an 8am opening we aim for before 7:30am as we aren’t super competitive anyway and those extra 20-30 minutes of sleep are worth it to us. But if you want prime position I would aim to be lined up at security by 7am and maybe aim for 6:45am.


Keep in mind most of the security checkpoints don’t open until 7am.

But yeah, that should do it. Early entry at Disneyland/DCA is kind of magical if you have it! It’s my favorite part of staying onsite or going in with friends who are staying onsite!

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