What time to arrive at parks?

For the busiest days like between Christmas and new years how early should i arrive at the parking area for each park?

I do not have early entry but want to be there as early as i can.

Reading different reports. 60-90 mins (and it seems to vary) before park open. Keep in mind if you get there too early you will have to loop around.

I was told from the chatters to arrive at the security/taps around 10 minutes after ETPE starts, which would be 20 minutes before park opening. (They let you enter the park early and hold you for a short time).

That would equate to arriving at the parking lot 30 minutes before regular park opening. I’d up that to maybe 45-60 minutes during extra busy days?

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MK is a bit different. They let everybody in early, but only onto Main Street and the hub. On a day like today where ETPE is 7:30, they let everyone in about 7:00 or earlier. You have time to shop, then line up at whichever spoke’s rope in the hub to wait for official opening.


Great intel, thanks. My info was specifically for EP & AK.

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