What time should we be at entrance 1st wk of June? (Onsite)

Parks open at 9am. I believe I read somewhere last night that @Skubersky was told by Portofino that USF will have EE. (Does IOA always have EE? So will it have EE as well?)

The UG says to arrive 30 mins prior to EE on regular days, 60 mins prior on peak days.

Is June 3-5 considered peak or regular?

Additional info which may or may not matter: Daigon Alley is our #1 priority. (We visited Hogsmeade a few years ago—of course we want to experience it again, but DA has priority.) I plan to buy the 2parks/3days tickets.

I’m really hoping only 30 mins would be enough, since we had to buy CL at RPR, and their brekkie doesn’t start til 7am! #1stworldprobs ha!

So our mornings are shaping up to look like:
7a grab super quick bite in lounge
7:15a start walking or take boat, depending on park (I’ve no idea how long it takes to get from lounge to boat though.)
7:30a arrive (is it true it’s only 15 mins to entrances from RPR?)
8a EE opening


Thanks a million. First time onsite, first time as solo adult, traveling w my 9y/o & 12 y/o.

Try to get to lounge about 6.45 as there is a good chance you can get in early Im sure someone posted that coffee and cold breakfast items are out before 7 and they had to go cups for those trying to get to rd. Posted a map on your other post for walking info
You also posted about adrs. If staying club with 2 kids solo I wouldn’t bother. Dibb have photos of the food looks good My kids are similar age and would be happier with evening movies by the pool and food from the pool bar or Jakes than heading into citywalk Either that or just some pizza from Red oven to supplement club food.

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Thanks so much!

We’ll try to be in the lounge by 6:45a. (wow that sounds so early for vacation haha) Coffee and a bagel will get us through 'til we can stop for a food break. Here’s hoping lines won’t be too bad for Cauldron/3B around mid-morning.

Good point, if we’re too tired to do much in the evening, club lounge fare will be just fine. There is only one, well maybe there are two, City Walk restaurants I’d be interested in trying, but neither are “must-dos”. (Actually I was thinking more of a late lunch after touring and before pool break time if possible, vs a big dinner.) No idea how long it takes to get to City Walk from parks & resort, though. Tchoup Choup, on the other hand, I would definitely like to try, but since it’s in the resort, I don’t think it’ll be too hard to squeeze in.

City walk is at the park entrance so 1-2 mins then a few mins to walk through it. Its about the same distance as walking to ferry at MK exit to go to ttc.

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EPA should be at USF only from 4/12 through 6/21, then back to both parks until the end of summer. Our early park admission webpage and crowd calendar have been updated.