What time should we arrive at the parks for EMH

I have heard people give advice about what times to get to parks at rope drop. How do the best times to arrive change during EMH OR EEMH. I am going in October and most parks have EMH everyday. What time should I arrive at each park to get on the headliners?

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If you can arrive at least 30 minutes to a hour before EEMH / EMH start you’ll be better than about 75% of the RD pack.

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We arrived at MK gates at 7:20 or so for EMH this past Friday. Gates opened around 7:45 and we were allowed to proceed to the ropes at the various hub spokes. Those ropes dropped right at 8. We walked on to Space Mountain and then Buzz, but after that everything got crowded pretty quickly! Then waited for Speedway for 20 min, and by then it was 9 am exactly and regular rope had dropped. We ended up behind the regular rope drop crowd to get to Splash, but when we arrived, the ride was down so it didn’t matter.


It will depend on what you plan to ride.
RD in HS and AK for EMH usually happens 15 minutes or so before the actual start of EMH(though not guranteed) for TSL and Pandora.
If you want to be on SDD reasonably quickly, plan to be at HS about an hour before open. For Pandora, try for 75-90 minutes, depending on circumstances. For 7DMT at MK, 60 minutes(they usually do not RD early, though it seems like they did for @staceyrose55 so maybe they have changed it ).
For Epcot you want to get there probably 20-30 minutes early, but Soarin, TT, and FEA divide the crowd pretty well. If you can be a bit earlier there you can do one and then hit up another fairly quickly.

However, if you are looking for anything other than headliners, you can get there much closer to opening and still be ok.

The other thing to consider is time of year as crowds will be heavier on some days requiring potentially earlier starts, or, if there are super early EMH, possibly less time before opening to arrive.