What time should I be parking in the morning?

We are staying at a house in Windsor Hills (2 miles away). We are going Oct 2-7 I are planning to leave by around 7:15 am to get the MK when it opens at 9am on 10/2 (Sunday). Is that enough time to get the Ferry and make RP and the Welcome Show?

How does the parking work and how early should we plan for Epcot (10/3), Hollywood (10/4) and Animal Kingdom (10/6)? Rope drop (excluding any magic hours) is 9 am on all the days we are gong. Am I right that we just walk to the entrance from the parking lot at these parks?

We are also planning on going to MK on Wednesday (10/5), but sleeping in and going late so we can stay up for the electrical parade. And will either go back to MK or Epcot on Friday.

Thanks for the advice!

You can walk, or you can take a parking lot tram, depending upon distance.

We stayed near there and left 90 minutes early for MK. Often times the monorail is working (may have to go the resort side). Only once it didn’t and we were put on busses. We want to be at the front of the rope drop line so miss welcome show (our choice). All others parks we leave about 60 minutes early and yes you park and walk. We normally bring our breakfast and eat while we wait for park to open. At AK, its less than 15 minutes from the time you leave the condo to being at security!

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I think that is plenty of time. If you arrive really anytime prior to opening time you should be able to park close enough not to need the tram. The bigger issue for us was the bag check and ticket readers that took up a good chunk of time. We felt that the ferry was very quick!