What time does RunDisney Registration begin?

I do not have an AP, DVC, or any other way to get early registration into the races. What time does registration begin? Midnight? Noon? 6AM? I heard the Food and Wine Marathon sold out before it was even open to the general public! Any tips to make sure I get a registration spot is greatly appreciated!

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They open at noon eastern. W&D did not sell out before open to the public but it did sell out in 30 minutes or so. Be ready at a computer at noon eastern and have an active.com account to speed up the process a little.


Multiple browsers help if you get stuck. Also, you can always try to register through a runDisney travel agent/charity team if for whatever reason registration doesn’t work out. I just got confirmation for the Infinity Gauntlet Challenge today from my TA- best of luck!

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So how does the charity team work? I know you raise a certain amount of money and then I guess your registration is covered? How do you know what the commitment is? I went to the RunDisney website to look at it and nothing was specific.

That’s exactly right. The direct charity pages have more information, but basically they cover your registration in exchange for a set amount of money raised. Noah’s Light is a big RD group. http://teamnoah.noahslightfoundation.org/events/avengers/ There are other groups with a smaller requirement, though I don’t know a whole lot about them.

I’m an event chair for the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life in my hometown, so I can’t make a separate fundraising commitment. That’s why I prefer using a TA. That, and the general agita of early and regular registration. I’m currently working with Get Sports Travel, and have nothing but compliments for their team!