What time do they let people in onto main street for an 8am open at Disneyland?

what time do they let people in onto main street for an 8am open at Disneyland?

What time do they open security and let you scan in?

If it’s before 8am, can I book my first LL if I’m scanned in but the park isn’t open yet? 8am.

I don’t have early entry.


When they open the turnstiles you’re able to freely move all the way to the rope on Main St (Early Entry guests will have a path to right towards Tomorrowland where they can show their room key to get beyond for early entry).

They open turnstiles ~7:30am. It could be a few minutes before that too when they start scanning people in and allowing the lines formed at the turnstiles to go through. There are no separate early entry or regular entry lines so any line will let you in at that time.

Security opens ~7am. They usually have the stations that service the hotels (Grand Californian & the main one for Disneyland Hotel guests) start letting the first people lined up go through a few minutes before 7am. The Harbor security next ot the pedestrian entrance will open only after they’ve let those hotel guests start getting in so it might be right at 7am, or a few minutes before or after.

As soon as you’re scanned in through the turnstile you’re able to make the first LL. Sometimes the CMs will scan the first few party or so waiting at the turnstile before getting the ok to allow people. If you’re in that first party & scanned in by the CM, you could book it while waiting for them to get the all clear.

The LL’s at DLR don’t go so fast though that you necessarily need to be that competitive. And because (so far) G+ only allows you to book an LL once per ride per day AND the way DL’s crowds are in the mornings, you don’t need an LL in that first hour or two, even. So it’s better to either hang back or book early but modify it to later as the time gets later.


I would recommend getting a LL early for HM if you are there during the holiday overlay. Indiana Jones books up fairly quickly, too. Plus if IJ is down at the start of the day, an early LL improves your chance of getting an a Multiple Experience pass. Then you can book another LL for IJ.


This was exactly what I was going to say. Book one of these first thing, then RD for an hour and tapn in at the end of the hour. Amd the other rides in that area should not have lines that are too long yet.


Yes, this. Plus you can always modify it to a later time if you need too.


What about if starting at DCA? Priority to book Guardians first buy rope drop other rides until the end of the window?

When I go in November, I plan on booking Goofy first thing as it is down about half the time during rope drop. If it doesn’t convert to a MEP, then I’ll modify to my first priority after 30 minutes or so.


Woah. Good tip. Thanks.

I like rope dropping the pier. If it is all running then you can knock it out in the first hour!


Disney opens the gates between 7:15 and 7:20. All guests, including EE guests, go through at the same gates, so they let guests in early enough for EE guests to line up for their 7:30 RD.

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Based on latest rope drop down times, I’m switching to TSMM as my DCA rope drop G+ attraction to try and mine a MEP.

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2 days we were there, our tickets were scanned in around 715/720.
And we were first at the gates.

Security opened around 7am I think