What time do the parks open?

We are staying off site. I saw some blog posts saying to arrive early, and they have been letting in before official opening, but those posts were pretty old. How early will they let us into the park (so we can at least walk to our rope drop)? How long does it take to get through parking lot security, park and walk to the gate?

As an offsite guest you may be allowed past the turnstiles slightly early but you’ll be held at a rope until official park opening.

I would recommend arriving at the MK parking lot/TTC about 45 minutes to 1hr before published park opening time. This will allow you to park, walk or take a tram to the TTC, and then take a monorail or ferry to the park entrance.

I would recommend arriving 30-45 minutes before all other published park opening times.

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At MK, unlike EP, HS and AK, you will be allowed through the tapstiles early like the on-site guests, and you can enjoy the full length of Main St (shops, coffee, etc) up to the hub near the castle. At the other parks, you can’t get as far. At the hub, you will be held at the ropes leading to each land.


Thanks, this is really helpful to know, that we can get closer to the areas, and enjoy a bit of a stroll up the path without running :slight_smile:

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