What time do FPP start?

Is there somewhere that lists what time the first FP+ for each ride starts for the day? Looking at the FastPass+ Availability page it seems most rides don’t start their FP+ availability until at least 20 minutes after park opening.

I’m pretty sure they start at park opening actually. I’m sure I booked most of mine for 9, 10 and 11. But it’s been 3 years.

FPs start at normal park opening. If there’s EMM or EMH, there are no FPs until the official rope drop time.

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Awesome, that was going to be my follow up question!

I think people grab the :00 FPs before the :10, :25, :50, etc because it’s easier for them to remember. So that might be why they don’t show up on the availability.

Why anyone would waste an FPP on a rope drop time is beyond me, but go for it. More useful times for me! :smiley:

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Speaking for myself, so I can use my first around 9.55, my second just after 10, move up my 3rd and be booking my 4th before 11 if all goes well.

I do this mainly in MK to be fair.


What miss said. We want to be done with our FPP right after 11, since we are park hoping and want to be able to use our 4th as early as possible.