What time can you start making ADRs?

Good morning! I want to share my experience from this morning and ask a question.Today was my 60 day window for the first part of my split stay. I thought you could start making ressies at 5:45 am ET. I wasn’t able to make ADRs until 6 am ET and then I could only make non theme park reservations and had to wait until 7 am ET to call WDW Dining. I assumed the problem was my park tickets/reservations weren’t linked correctly, but the cast member I spoke with said everything was showing up as linked in my MDE. He was helpful and was able to get me the ADRs I was looking for in HS. He could not offer an explanation, he just said Disney must be making “magical enhancements” to the system and that I am not the only one this is happening to. I make my ADRs for the 2nd part of my split stay on Wednesday 11/9. They are for EPCOT, should I try the website at 5:45 ET or wait until 6? I know 15 minutes doesn’t seem like a lot, but since I am on Mountain Time it is very early in the morning! TIA!

It’s officially 6am eastern

There are sometimes reports that it will open earlier, and 5:45 seems to be a common report, but it’s never ever been the case for me.

As far as your theme park based ressies that was a system glitch. There is no differentiation between restaurants- all WDW restaurants are eligible at 6am from 60 days in advance (+10 for onsite guests).


What I’ve seen is that the date on the calendar will light up at 545 but you can’t actually search until 6.

Experiences such as BBB open at midnight though.