What time ADR at BOG will allow early park entry?

I used the Reservation Finder to get not one but two breakfast ADRs at BOG. Yay Reservation Finder! Now I need to ask for some expert help to decide which one makes more sense.

We want to use the BOG as a PPO to get into the park early. One reservation is on Thursday, May 10 which is the day we actually want to go to Magic Kingdom, but it’s at 9:00. Will we be allowed to enter the park at 7:45 or so with a 9:00 ADR? If not, what time will they let us in?

The other ADR is at the ideal time of 8:00 am but it’s on Saturday, May 12. We were going to avoid the Magic Kingdom that day due to the red showing on the crowd calendar that day.

So, if the main goal of the BOG ADR is to allow early access to rides and make for a better day overall, which one would you go with?

Thanks in advance!

I would take the 8:00am one. Is there morning magic that day?

I haven’t been to WDW since 2005 so the morning magic is something new to me. All I’ve found shows that it’s only offered on Tuesdays and Sundays? If that’s the case then it won’t affect our trip as we arrive Tuesday and leave Saturday.

I figured the 8:00 would be safer but it’s a busier day at Magic Kingdom. With the 9:00 ADR, what time will they let us in the park?

Everyone gets into Main Street around 8:00. I do not think they will give you a “ticket” to get past Main Street/ the castle with a 9:00 ADR.

Thank you, that’s what I was afraid of :slight_smile:

Looks like Saturday it is!

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So the Reservation Finder came through for me today in a big way :tada:

I scored an 8 am Wednesday Akershus Princess breakfast and an 8 am Friday BOG!

For a “last minute” trip that I began to plan at 90 days out, things are really coming together. Thanks Len and crew!

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