What should we watch before going to Universal? (minus Potter)

I’m not worried about my oldest boys (21 and 19). They watch everything.

What should the rest of us work on watching before a Universal trip in May?

Despicable Me, Shrek, ET, Men In Black, The Lorax, Jurassic Park, Back To The Future (even though the ride’s gone the props are still there and any excuse to watch an awesome movie! :laughing:).
I would skip transformers because it’s a rubbish film, but I’ve heard the Bumblebee movie is good.
Maybe the Tobey Maguire Spidey movies. Fantastic 4 as well maybe.


I had no idea.

We’ve seen Madagascar and a few of that franchise. Literally nothing else on your list. Maybe my big girls have… definitely not my younger ones.


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If you’ve never seen The Lorax movie you’re in for a treat. :orange_heart::yellow_heart:
It’s so underrated. I’m sure you’ll love it.

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We’ve read it. Didn’t know it was a movie.

Just watched Horton though. That was great.

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The Shrek 4-D attraction is closing for good, but maybe the characters will still be around?
Only thing that I see to add is The Mummy (I’d like to watch again but it costs $)

Oh, and a Bourne movie (the Bourne Stuntacular is a must see)


That sounds terrifying to me! But I bet DD 17 and DD 15 would watch with DH. :+1:

It’s a bit scary, the Mummy is one of the best non-Potter attractions at UOR.



Mummy is more like Indiana Jones than a scary movie.

*im not quite sure about the Tom cruise one as I never saw it but the one the ride is based on with Brendan Fraser


Although the ride is terrifying! (But also thrilling)


Ok. Thank you.
I assumed horror.

With that said I couldn’t watch IJ and closed my eyes on that ride at DLR.

(I’m kind of a chicken.)

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It’s very much in the same vein. So if Indy scares you Mummy will too. If you like roller coasters you’ll be okay in those moments but might be closing your eyes in the slow moments. *Roller Coaster is like a mild version of RnRC.

Same thing with the movies. As a kid the peoples faces melting when they opened the lost ark in Indy was terrifying to me but most of the movies was fine.


My DD just asked me “which Mummy”?
I assumed Brendan Fraser but she says Tom Cruise did one. She’s not seen either.

Yeah the ride is based on Brendan Fraser one (actually a trilogy but only part 1 is needed for the ride to make sense. And I think I heard a rumor they might make another).

I’ve heard the Cruise one is bad and I’ve never seen it but it is referenced in Horror Make Up Show.

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I’ve read some Bourne books…. 20+ years ago. Is that the same? :joy:.

Are those scary?

I may be the wrong demographic.

This is why we’ve never been. :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:

Ok. Thank you. :+1:
I actually think that was open when DH and I went in 1998. He rode and I waited outside.

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Bourne books, not sure! It’s an action movie series. I can’t believe you haven’t watched any!


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I don’t find Bourne scary at all. It’s like Indy without the magical stuff like melting faces. Just the action. I thought the first one or two was good. DH likes all of em. Your boys will prolly like em if they are like mine.

My son, when I showed him LOTR could not sit thru thru the dramatic scenes, but every fight scene he was glued to the TV. I’m the opposite. Like the forever and a day fight scene between Iron Man and Captain America in I think it was Civil War I was yawning. I walked out of John Wick when he killed a man with a pencil and I took a 30 min bathroom/snack break while hubby watched and I gathered my ability to sit thru a movie with zero plot and all fighting. Lol.

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Having read the books is probably enough, since the movies are based on the books. But the stunt show is absolutely incredible. Unlike anything else.


Jason Bourne Series by Robert Ludlum (goodreads.com)

I read the first three in 1999 when we went on vacation with some friends, and I finished all three books I had brought by day 2 so I borrowed some that my friend’s husband brought. He had the first two. They were very well written IIRC. I had time for one more after we got home.

I am not seeing there are SIXTEEN?