What should I expect from TP while planing a trip during covid time?

As titled. I have used TP during my past two trips, one in 2016 and one in 2018. TP was such a wonderful tool in my trip planning and I was able to execute my days according to my plan. Yes, I am a planner…

I have a trip coming up in a couple months. Is the data provided by TP with the same accuracy as before during covid time? Or should I not invest my time using the planner?

Since FP won’t be happening during this trip, I really need a tool which will allow me to expect my wait time so I can calm my impatient family down.

I’m still planning to use mine but I will be prepared to be flexible if things start to go astray. I believe touring plans has done as good a job as they can collecting wait times in the parks and use that data to feed the optimization, but this year is also unprecentended and can’t be compared to other years. The most important thing to me is to arrive early every day, do a lot in the first 4 hours and take a mid day break - then hop/return for a relaxed-pace evening. By watching daily wait times over the few weeks left before my trip in mde and the lines app I have a good sense of the patterns. Either way we’ll be more prepared than 99% of the guests there having a plan is always good in my opinion.

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I went in December and followed a TP. It was good. Got a lot done in a little time but you do have to be more flexible in your plan. Also don’t stress if you walk up to a line and it seems to stretch for a mile. The lines may be long due to social distancing but you are constantly moving so they move fast.

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