What Should I Do?

Hi all.
Not sure how I managed to book my room package to check out Saturday with a flight that departs Friday. :woman_shrugging:t4:

Should I …

  1. Modify room/package reservation to depart Friday as it should have been.

  2. Modify flight and keep the additional night.

Things to consider:

Flying SW, so no penalty to modify. New flight is $70 cheaper (at the moment.)

New flight means departure at 8:45pm verses 12:00 pm. Arrival 11:00 pm verses 3:00 pm.
This means an additional night stay at hotel on the back end. (Hubby picking me up from airport. We live two hours away. Don’t want him to have to pick me up that late, as he will have worked all day.)
Not concerned about additional cost of hotel, but worried about very late check- in. New to me. (Anxiety)

Additional (partial) day means more time at a park, or opportunity to squeeze in one of the many restaurants/events that keep popping up these days.
(I will have a park ticket.) Please help!



No brainer. Do it.

And if hubs is tired have him hop in the passenger seat and you drive home. :grin:


It’s simple Disney math. You will be saving $70. :crazy_face: change the fight of course!


With the $70, can you take alternative transport to spare your DH the drive? Or even meet him halfway, if that makes sense?



Lol at your responses. :heart:
Something major I forgot to add to the list of considerations-

I don’t drive on the highway at night. :grimacing:
I don’t drive on the highway in winter. :eyes:
(The latter being the reason DH is involved.)
I have issues.
But Im good at Disney math. +$70


What are your concerns about the late check-in?

As in:

  • getting transport to hotel
  • worried room will be gone
  • where to stay


We can then help with specific concerns.

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I agree. Leave WDW later!!

We do that all the time everywhere we go- even well after midnight just because it takes us a long time to go to/from pretty much everywhere. We used to call in advance to let them know we’d be late but we don’t even do that anymore unless it’s a small hotel, like a B & B. Just to be sure, pay for the room in advance, then you know it’s yours for the night.

We also live far from the airport and have to drive at night and/or during bad weather. So we often book a room due to early or late flights. If the hotel is not right at the airport, you might ask if it has an airport discount- you’re probably not the only people who have to stay over. We get what’s called a “local’s discount” at the one where we regularly stay. Consider staying at a nice place so it feels like you’re extending your vacation one more day. :smiley:

Also check to see how late room service runs. That’s about the only significant glitch we’ve ever encountered with checking in late.


Pretty much the things @Pod mentioned. What if the room is gone when I get there? I will call/pay ahead as suggested. The hotel I use has 24 hour shuttle, so that should be fine. Overall, it’s just the fear of the unknown having never checked in so late.


I am confused how your departure flight on Saturday is related to your arrival check-in being late.

It’s early. I have not had a drop of caffeine. In fact, I’m still laying here in bed hating the morning. So it’s possible that my reading comprehension is poor. (And my thumbs are fat)

In any case, more Disney for less money is the way to go.


I’m confused too, but I think it’s a stay in the airport hotel after the flight back.

Oh! Gotcha!

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The new flight home will get in at 11:00 pm, which means check-in at hotel around midnight. Original flight home had me arriving at 3:00pm. Never checked into a hotel that late. :neutral_face:

Checking in to the airport hotel. This is the part that I was confused about.


It’s probably too much info for my husband to follow, so he will say “I’ll just pick you up at 11:00.” :laughing:

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If you do the airport hotel, I would just call that day And tell them of your late arrival. I’m sure they will tell you your room will be waiting And relieve that anxiety.


Yes, if they know they can’t get away with selling the room again, they won’t. If they think they can, they might.


I can’t speak for all hotels, but when I worked at one and we were oversold, we’d look at the reservations and would always try to keep single women secured. And then if we couldn’t accommodate everyone, we’d pay for a room at another hotel and provide transportation to it for the guest.

I agree - if you call and tell them of yo he late arrival as well, that will help. This is a no brained. Stay the extra night.


Thanks, all. I am so excited about getting an extra night and half day in the World. I am strongly considering using it at EPCOT to do Candlelight Processional, Space 220 and additional shot at RAT (Remy’s, RRA :laughing:)

Saturday - Resort Day. So excited, never done it. (Jock Lindsey lunch, Topollino’s dinner) :crossed_fingers:t5:

Sunday - HS, MK Christmas Party (Hollywood & Vine lunch)

Monday - EPCOT (Space 220, or San Angel or Boathouse or The Edison) :crossed_fingers:t5:

Tuesday - AK (Harambe Market Lunch)

Wednesday - MK (CRT dinner) :crossed_fingers:t5:

Thursday - AK (Nomad lunch, Disney Springs dinner)

Friday - EPCOT (Space 220 lunch, dine around WS dinner?)


Been checking every day and can’t find a room. I even checked Swan/Dolphin. :sob:
Disney: Please take my money.