What’s your favourite land?

During the planning of this year’s trip and next year’s it’s obvious that Pandora is my No. 1 favourite place at WDW. And Diagon Alley at UOR.

Which is your favourite?

I haven’t seen Pandora yet (2 weeks to go!!!) but I hope to love it as much as you do. Other than FOP is it just the visual appeal or the land that you like so much?

I agree with you completely on Diagon Alley. Everything Harry Potter related at UOR was absolutely incredible in my opinion.

As for WDW, I love Main Street, if you consider that a land, and Frontierland might be second. We seem to spend a lot of time there because my family adores Splash Mountain. Can’t say there is one that I don’t enjoy though. It’s hard to choose.

Animal Kingdom is favorite park. Nomad Lounge is favorite location, but Africa is favorite land.


In MK specifically, or all of WDW? Tomorrowland at MK. While there is much to enjoy elsewhere, if I had to pick one land to spend the entire day in at MK, it would be Tomorrowland. If I had to pick for all of WDW? I probably would still go with Tomorrowland. Space Mountain, People Mover, Carousel of Progress, Buzz Lightyear, Laugh Floor. Just a great mix of things, and there’s just something nostalgic about it all that I love.

I do agree with Diagon Alley at Universal.

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Definitely Diagon Alley at UOR, with Hogsmeade a close second.

For WDW I am torn. Pandora was awesome but I think I would agree with @OBNurseNH that Africa is my favourite land. Outside of AK, I would probably pick Sunset Blvd in DHS.

I haven’t seen Pandora or any Harry Potter yet (or TSL), but I love World Showcase at Epcot. I could wander the countries for days!

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My Favorite Land!!??? That is hard. I assume I cannot just say Walt Disney World period!

I am truly a magic kingdom girl. I have lots of favorites, but I will say tomorrow land, especially at night.

As for the other major parks, Africa in Animal kingdom, future world in Epcot, and sunset strip at Hollywood.

Have not done universal yet, maybe next time I go to Orlando for a visit.

Tomorrowland at MK. I have no idea why. Nostalgia or some unconscious memory?

Mid-1990s Future World, at EPCOT Center. No question for me.

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If we’re opening it up to all parks, New Orleans Square.

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Diagon Alley for sure!

Fantasyland & Adventureland are in a tie for me, with HS Sunset Boulevard a close second.

Adventureland. It has everything! Boats, pineapple soft serve, puns, spitting camels… stairs…

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It has to be Pandora. I love the whole feel of the atmosphere. The colors, the sounds, the smells… But a very close second is Toy Story Land at night. never in the day. never ever.

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