What’s your fave WDW podcast?

I’ll start off by listing my favorite podcasts:

  1. Addicted to the Mouse
    Dan and Leslie have a true passion for all things Disney; I learn the most from passionate people.

  2. Mouse Chat.net
    Podcast by committee, Sharpie is really sharp

  3. Double your WDW
    Julie Ester doesn’t listen to other podcasts; explains why her takes are so fresh. Really enjoy it when her husband joins.

  4. WDW Prep to go

Great for novices, love the before and after trip talks; although sometimes lengthy. Almost like being there.

  1. Disney Dish with Jim Hill
    Jim and Len seems to always have the inside scoop on things before anyone else.

  2. Be our Guest
    Mike is Disney’s number one cheerleader and number one runner; the ultimate source for run events.


Podcast the Ride - A comedy podcast about all Disney parks & other theme parks / odd attractions. Not just the same news & rumors you get everywhere else

MenDoWDW - They don’t live in FL, like myself. They give more of a “tourist” perspective. While they may not be “breaking” news they do a weekly report of updates at each park and trip reports.

and of course DisneyDish…

I cut back to just these three a while ago. I found too many podcasts to be repetitive and would often site Jim Hill anyway. Plus, some of them are too negative because they “live” in the parks or take themselves too seriously, like they are reporting global politics.

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I’ve been a Disney Dish listener for 6-7 years so I’ll go with that

Backside of Magic

Unfortunately their last episode was last May. :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: I learned so many tips and tricks from Ryan and Jeremy, I can’t thank them enough. Even though some of it is dated, I still highly recommend listening.

And I actually got to meet Jeremy on my last trip. Super nice guy. Gave me a ride from the Disney World 5k finish to HS so we could get BGs. I’m sharing this again because I know many of you are jealous. :wink:


I just started listening to WDW podcasts recently, looks like I totally missed Backside of Magic!

In addition to some of the ones above, I’ll add Disney Deciphered - their topics are efficiently presented without a lot of banter.

I used to listen to WDWToday but then the show changed and I stopped listening. I love Disney Dish and am currently re-listening to WDWToday on YouTube. I started back at the beginning with episode 1 and am now nearing 200. It’s my favorite! I’m constantly laughing out loud in a quiet office.

I really like the best and worst show from the guys over at Dis. I find their humor funny and like to listen to them bicker and passionately argue over best and worst lists.