What’s going on w/MDE and ADRs

So I noticed last week something odd but ignored it then but it’s continuing. If I search for a type of meal there’s nothing

But if I select a time there is availability; at every time slot.

What’s up with this? Just Disney IT? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Yes, it has been like that for a while. Also, if there is a 5:10pm ADR sometimes it will not show up when you search 5pm, or 5:30pm but will show up if you search 6:30pm.

I don’t understand why a system that worked perfectly years ago is now basically useless. It is broken and Disney doesn’t care.


Thanks, I didn’t realize it was an new ongoing issue. At least I knew to try to look for a specific time. I feel bad for those that don’t know. Seems like there are a too many break downs of Disney systems lately. :face_with_monocle:


I had the same issues booking my June and September ADRs. The aggravating thing is that you never know what glitch is going to mess with you and if the app or a browser will work.


I’ve given up on the browser and only seem to be able to make ADRs on MDE which I find aggravating

I think I might just give up on Disney ADRs for now. My next trip is in 77 days and I have Wine Bar George, Morimoto and The Boathouse booked.


All nice choices ! Enjoy!

Honestly you aren’t missing much. It’s basically the same menu everywhere with minimal deviation. I’ve not been happy with a lot of the food. Or much of anything really. Disney as we knew it is dead.

oddly, I’m the complete opposite. My MDE won’t work at day 60 for ADR’s AT ALL

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Drove me crazy trying to book for May 2021 ADRs. Sometimes I only got available times when I clicked on a specific restaurant. It would sometimes not show me times until I clicked on show availability having already been told no times.
Booking for an 11 night trip took me about 3 hours.


Yikes! :anguished:

Do better Disney! :neutral_face:


I’ve noticed that for awhile. It’s annoying.

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