What’s all open in EEMH? Rides and food

Is there a central list of what is all open in each of the parks in EEMH? Both rides and places to get snacks/breakfast? Thanks!


Following as I’m especially interested in EEMH breakfast options at HS

Yeah hopefully someone will know

I was looking for this last night and couldn’t find it. I ended up going to Disney’s website and clicking on attractions and then sorting by park. Each attraction has the hours listed. Not very good overall, but okay for some basic planning.

For attractions, the list is the same as morning EMH so you can see them here (scroll down): https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/guest-services/extra-magic-hours/

For food, I haven’t seen an actual list. What I’ve been doing is opening MDE app, filtering to food, and then clicking on each. You’ll see some say “extended breakfast/snack hours” underneath the regular hours. This method isn’t full proof but should give you an idea!

Looking at MDE at 8:30 this morning for Mobile Order, Docking Bay 7, the Milk Stand and Ronto Roasters at open in SWGE at 6 AM and Woody’s Lunch Box is open in TSL. That’s it for HS.

Looking at the other parks, there is nothing available via Mobile Order.

I’m sure the Starbucks and the Joffrey’s locations are open.

We ate at Woody’s Lunch Box this morning. It opened around 7am. The coffee shop on Hollywood also had breakfast sandwiches and they were open before 6am.


How did your EEMH touring go?

Check out EasyWDW. He has a lot of info about what is open. All the rides are. Some characters start as early as 6:30. Many food places are open too.

Not all rides are open. All the rides that open during normal EMH are open, but not everything.

In MK, only Tomorrowland and Fantasyland are open.

In AK you really need to check out each ride and what time it opens. Sometimes the Safari doesn’t open until 8am, even 9am. That’s just one example.

In DHS I think every ride is open but shows start at their usual time.

I misread this as being specific to HS. At HS all rides are open.

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Thanks all, I think I will just need to see how we go! I think my plans are not quite right as I have a Hollywood scoops visit early on so might have to change that one for example. I also have the safari early. Will have a log on this morning to MDE and see what it says for that one

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Touring went very smoothly. We were able to enjoy all of the rides including MFSR before regular opening. It was the only one that wasn’t a walk on. 90% of the RD crowd went to SWGE leaving TSL a ghost town. We rode SD twice and TSM twice without getting off. We were offered a third but our arms were tired from pulling the string. :smiley:


Did you go straight to SWGE or Toy Story Land? Was the area between SWGE and TSL an exit only into TSL or could you enter SWGE from that direction?

We went to TSL first. The path connecting TSL to SWGE was staffed and wasn’t being used as an entry or exit. The access at Muppets was the only way in and out. That was the case at least during EEMH. I can’t say for certain it stayed that way all day since I didn’t return to either land after regular park hours started.

Very good information to have! One final question…do you remember about what time you made it into SWGE and how long your wait for Smuggler’s Run was?

Bummed the pathway between SWGE and TSL wasn’t open. The other entrance is quite the hike!

We entered SWGE around 0745. We waited in line approximately 35 minutes for MFSR. It was posted at 45 minutes.

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Thanks for the update! I’m going in 2 weeks and my son is very excited about SDD and TSMM! And now suddenly he’s also interested in SWGE. We’ll be hitting TSL first thing day 1 and then if we have time we’ll check out Galaxy’s edge before we have to hop to MK. If we need to we can come back on Day 3.

I’m actually really excited for the idea of the EEMH - my sons get up at 5:30 regularly anyway so this is perfect for us.

The 6am opening also allows you to ride SDD in the dark. I thought it was much more scenic with the lights.

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