What’s a good girl/girl/boy Disney Trio?

We are doing MNSSHP in three weeks and I can’t get my kids (specifically the triplets) excited about costumes. And probably we won’t wear them because it’s August. (Halloween t-shirts?!)

But I have been trying to come up with a good girl/girl/boy Disney trio and can’t think of anything - other than having twin Moanas and a Maui, which was the kiddos original idea.

Am I missing anything?!

Anna, Elsa and Kristoff


Or Anna, Elsa and Olaf!


Would one of the girls want to be Hei Hei?

Anna, Elsa, Olaf?

There’s always the originals - Mickey & Minnie & Daisy or Peter Pan / TInkerbell / Wendy


Aristocats? Huey Dewey and Louie? What about Bambi, Thumper and Flower? Three caballeros? Alice, Queen and white hare? Pan, Wendy and Tink? Three of the 101 Dalmatians? Pooh, piglet, tigger?

I know not all of those are specifically girls and boys, but I think with animals it is not as big of a thing.


If the kids like Moana, one could be te fiti


How on earth did I miss Elsa and Anna? :joy: but they watched frozen on repeat for years and I think are over it. But I will see.

Yes. Meeting Moana is our big hope for the party! I like these ideas and will see if I can sell them on it.

Berlioz, Marie, and Toulouse (The Aristocats)? Lucky, Rolly, Patch, Penny, and/or Freckles (101 Dalmatians pups)?

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I thought Berlioz and Toulouse were both boys? But I still love the suggestion!

Jessie, Bo Peep and Woody


They are, but kittens could work anyway…


My girls like Tiger Lily better than Tinkerbell, so there’s another option with the Peter Pan theme.

Belle, Mrs. Potts, and Beast/Chip/Lumiere/Gaston
Snow White, Evil Queen, and your son’s favorite dwarf
Cinderella, Fairy Godmother, and a mouse footman
Ariel, Ursula, Sebastian
Jasmine, Raja, and the genie (nobody cares about Aladdin anyway)
Vanellope, Shank, and Ralph
Alice, the Queen of Hearts, and the Cheshire Cat/Mad Hatter/White Rabbit

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I knew I could find answers here. :blush:

They are now very excited about being Maui, Moana, and Ta Fiti. The good news is that costumes will be lightweight for August. And also lightweight for Halloween in Houston. (Of course watch it be a rare chilly Halloween)

Thank you for all the wonderful ideas! I wish I was the one picking and not them, but I’m happy they are excited now.


I’m just happy I’m not the only parent telling the kids to pick Disney costumes for Halloween.

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I’m not sure you should go with a trio from one movie. Why not a pirate and two princesses. Surely they each have their own favorites.

:woman_shrugging: I would have rolled with that, too, if that’s what they wanted. Actually I can so rarely get three 6 year olds to agree on anything, and one hates making decisions but also rarely goes with the flow, so this is a real anomaly.

My first thought.

My second thought!