What rides will I have difficulty fitting in?


I know there’s been topics about this before, I’ve read the ones I could find. But those are about people with bigger bellies or chests. And since I don’t have a 40" waist, I don’t think that will be my biggesty problem. (It isn’t much smaller, though, about 37")

I’m 5’4 and about 230lbs. As I said, I don’t have a very big belly. All of my fat is in my hips, butt, and upper legs. So I was wondering what rides might give me difficulty riding, so I’m mentally prepared. If my butt doesn’t have anywhere to go, that might give issues with constraints that close on my belly anyway, because then I can’t sit back against the back of the seat.

I’ve been trying to slim down for this trip for the last 1.5 years, but for some reason I can’t really. So now I’m extremely scared I’ll come back very disappointed. We’re flying in from Europe and it’s probably a once in a lifetime experience, so I just want to have as realistic expectations as possible :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!

My experience has been there are very few rides that, as a person of size I couldn’t get on at Disney (of the rides i wanted to get on). My experience was opposite this at universal, there were very few rides i could enjoy.
At my biggest I was 6’6" 430lbs 56" waist 5XL shirt - I’m currently 300lbs 44" waist 2/3xl shirt and still fit on every ride.

Here’s a bit of a breakdown on different ride experiences for people of size, mileage varies greatly based on build.

The question is about Universal though! Well unless it’s been posted in the wrong category which is also possible.


ugh, i missed that! For Universal Pammie Does Parks seems to have had a lot of content for people of size like me -


One thing I want to point out which you probably already know, even if you don’t ride there is plenty to see and enjoy at any of the parks. I’ve actually gotten in line with friends or by myself to walk through the standby lines of rides i couldn’t go on (size or motion sickness) to enjoy the views. Some of the queues are beautiful or fun. Also at Universal they sometimes have walk through tours of some of the rides, ask at the entrance - not sure if they are doing this as much and probably not on a busy day.
Hope you have a great time! Be sure to let us all know after your trip too.

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Thank you, I already read that one, though. It always mentions large belly and chest areas, which isn’t my problem. And since I usually don’t have any issues fitting into any rides at all (in Europe), so I have no idea how much I should worry about this. :frowning:

Thank you, I’ll definitely check her out! Do you still not fit on most rides in Universal at your current size?

I don’t have any personal experience but wanted to try to help if I could. My DH was worried about FJ before the first time we rode but it spurred him to lose 4st so he wasn’t big by the time we got there.

That was before they introduced modified seats though.

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Yes, at my current size universal is kinda a ride dessert for me - a few for size, some for motion sickness. escape from gringotts was too uncomfortable on the legs, Forbidden journey was impossible. I went through the queue though then told the loading team member that i wasn’t riding and they show you to an exit you can use.

Keep in mind, one thing Universal does well is test seats out front of their rides that may have restrictions. Body types are all different, my limitations might not apply to you.


My DW has similar dimensions. I found this YouTuber that helped me on my visits to Universal -

Thank you so much! :slight_smile:

I have watched some of her videos by now, but she’s more than 100lbs heavier than me while being the same height and has a big tummy area, so I’m afraid I don’t know anything more than I did before. It was interesting to see the seat dimensions, though. I’m quite sure Gringotts is going to be a problem now, which is sad but ok. I was hoping she would have a video showcasing the FJ tester seat, though, as I REALLY want to ride that one XD I really want to know how small the space between the lap bar and the seat is on FJ, as I can usually squeeze into tiny overhead restraints but these seem to come down very low on your lap.

They do, it presses down into your thighs.

I’m on my first day at universal after a week at Disney, and so far I’m having no issues at all. I’ve done MIB, FJ and Gringotts by now in universal, and all the rides at DW, and I fit in the normal seating in all of them! Yay! I’ll post updates when I do more rides here! But so far, so good! ^^




I’ve done every single ride by now, and I fit in the normal seating in all of them :slight_smile: so people with similar body dimensions: don’t worry! Everything is going to be fine.

I do regret fitting in Dudley do right though XD it was a cold day and I got completely and utterly soaked since I forgot my raincoat that day. I’ve never been so wet in my life! (Even when going swimming, I swear! XD)

I really loved all the Harry Potter rides! My favourites were the new Hagrid’s one and Forbidden Journey :smiley:


I went with my brother 4 years ago. He is 6’ with 46" waist and big butt and thighs, broad shoulders and wide chest, prob about 350.he could not ride dudley or forbidden journey. Gringotts was close. But everything else we did. This was pre hagrid so idk there.