What restaurants are character dining?

What restaurants are character dining?

Theres is alot. Chef mickey, hollywood and vine, crystal palace. Akershus tusker house, cinderellas royal table, its late thats all I can think of right now

MK- crystal palace, Cinderella royal table
Epcot- Akershus, garden grill
HS- Hollywood& Vine
AK- Tusker house
Resorts- 1900 parkfare, chef mickeys, ohana
Know I have forgotten some.

Cape May

Are you looking for specific characters? There are so many different character dining experiences I would pick who I most would like to meet/take pictures with and then go from there. You can check out more specifics in the UG and the Disney site. My family likes Garden Grill, Chef Mickey’s because they love the fab 5 the best.

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If you want a good list we use

He has a full list along with some good write ups.

Be careful! Hollywood and Vine and Cape May are not character meals for dinner!

I also use the printed complete list in my copy of the Unofficial Guide.