What percentage of guests use FP+?

I talked to a family that recently got back from a trip. I mentioned I was going soon and she asked if I was using FP because they didnt.
I was totally shocked.
What percentage of guests use FP+?They said they saw people lining up for a parade so they staked out a spot 3 hours before with 7 small children. Is that normal?

Normal? No. Common? Unfortunately Yes.

Many people don’t understand FP+, or even the old FP, and thought it was a scam. (Psst - hey buddy! I’ve got these tickets that will get you on the ride fast. For you, only $50 :smirk: ) Some of the looks we got from people when we were trying to spread pixie dust (hand out FP we weren’t going to use) were just plain funny.

Unfortunately, many people think Disney is like their local amusement park, and do very little research before they go. That’s why they end up waiting 3 hours for a parade. (Hey it’s only X thousand dollars, why plan? :smiley: )

I don’t know what percentage use FP+, but Disney is making a concerted effort to get more people to use them, so I suspect the percentage is climbing. Mayube next time your friends will understand how much it can help them.

Legacy FP was a simpler system IMHO, and there were people who had no idea it even existed, much less how to use it. I remember walking around a lady who was waiting for her family at the Soarin FP area. I pulled some FPs, and she looked at me holding the tickets (“My precioussssssss!” :wink: ) and turned to a cast member and said, “What are those, and how do I get them?”

Now take those folks and ask them to navigate Disney’s horrible website and hitting their window to get FP+ for their whole family for the high-demand attractions before they get snarfed up. I tend to think it’s not a huge %, even with Disney pushing it like there’s no tomorrow.

Scary thought: Imagine what demand for the high-demand attractions would be if everybody tried to get them? :shudder:


As my FPP day approaches (in 12 days! yeeee), I’ve started re-evaluating how rigid I want my families schedule to be. I’m a planning hound, but my “fly by the seat of the pants” family are not. We’re staying a total of 12 days so I will probably insist on certain days being in parks and then FPP those hard to get head liner attractions for those days. We’re not adverse to standing in line for 30 min standby and TP app helped us make selections last year. But I know most of you are probably shaking your heads at me by now. :slight_smile: Hey if I can get everybody up for RD at each park at least one day each on our trip I’ll be happy happy happy!