What parks and when

Does anyone suggest actually going off of crowd calendar or what days each park no longer have reservations when deciding what parks to go to?

For me, several things factor in. If your trip is coming up soon, and some days no longer have reservations available for one or more parks, that will have to come into play. If the trip is fairly soon and the crowd calendar has been updated, I would definitely use that as well.

For our trip, I looked at the # of park days we had and decided if we wanted 1 or 2 days for each park. Park availability wasn’t an issue, as all of the parks were available each day of our trip. I looked at the crowd calendar, but our trip is during spring break, and two of my days aren’t “ideal” according to the calendar but it fits our wants better, if that makes sense. My group likes HS better than MK, so we are starting and ending at HS. I didn’t want our MK days back to back, so there are a couple days in between, etc. I did use the calendar to decide our Epcot and AK days and one MK day.

If I was just planning our parks today, when our trip is in less than 2 weeks, and every park had availability, I would use the crowd calendar recommendations more than I did.

For whatever reason lately, crowd calendar has not been useful. We pick parks now based on reservation availability, hours and personal preference. Just assume it’s going to be crowded and roll with it :grinning:

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I recommend using thrill-data.com to help with your decision. Select a park, enter a date range, submit, then scroll down to this:

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