What other timeshares do you own?

So I love my OKW but I am getting frequently more frustrated with the availability issues…chart changes ect…

Recently purchased small Wyndham contracts and wondered if any WDW or DLR liners can give any room comparisons for Bonnet Creek or Dolphin Cove -

Any places/systems you guys like or don’t?

A coworker of mine has a contract with BlueGreen and if she can plan far enough in advance and can book a week at a time she’s OK, but she doesn’t always travel that way or Saturday to Saturday like some places require. There are far more restrictions and Complications with them from what I can tell. They also have great cash rates, but some of their properties are cobranded like Comfort Inn and similar low to mid range hotel brands and aren’t always located in great areas.

Another coworker bought into Wyndham bc they were planning multiple country wide road trips over several years. They’ve had a lot of trouble getting value out of it and regret buying. Availability is hard to come by sometimes and they’ve overpaid for a lot of nights by using points instead of paying cash, but if they didn’t use the points they would be wasted and they would lose cash that way too.

Due to maintenance fees and complicated booking issues and terrible resale value I’d personally not join any other timeshare.

thanks for your input- I appreciate your input on blue green- I honestly don’t no much about their systems. did either of your friends own dvc also or have you vacationed with them looking for differences in room quality and or amenities.

Neither are DVC bc they didn’t want to be tied to 1 destination (even though there are some outside of WDW), but both liked the DVC setup better than the ones they own.

My friend with BlueGreen… we stayed for a couple nights in Marathon FL which was nice, but it was also a Comfort Inn (I think) and probably wouldn’t have chose it if I were booking via a travel site. We looked into going to Vegas or a couple other places and just overall I was really disappointed with their options. I think the pricing is pretty good, but not if they don’t have hotels in locations you want to travel you know? Some locations you had to book a minimum of 6 or 7 nights and then others you could book and day at a time. It just seemed overly complicated and not the best value.

My sister has owned points with Vacation International and likes them a bunch. Has used them over the years successfully. Maybe 25 years? Uses RCI to make exchanges. She’s stayed all over the country.

She also has BlueGreen which she’d love to unload. She mostly bought BG to stay at the Big Cedar area. Way too difficult to get even a weekend on dates you want.

After being so happy with VI, BG was such a disappointment.

In the WDW area we’ve stayed at Cypress Pointe once. Liked the location and our 3 bedroom villa was fine.

All over the country was exactly my reasoning - I am so looking forward to maybe a national park or 2. I am planing Disneyland in Feb and that has me out of points for the next year and a half -
I am going to look into Cypress pointe then for our October trip.

I can’t recall which timeshare we used at Cypress Pointe. I know there wasn’t an exchange. I might remember to ask. :confounded: We seem so busy today and the next 3 days.

No worries just curious on people’s experience with non DVC ownership and still hitting the parks.
Lol used every point I have for next 18 month on grand Californian for 4 day weekend - vs 7 days at Dolphin’s cove for future trips…

Vacation International is what my sister used for the Cypress Pointe stay. We were 19 family for a 15th birthday trip. We had three 3br villas. The resort is ok - I wasn’t impressed with their on property eating choices.

But we went one block, turned right for a short while then left and another right and we were pulling into Fort Wilderness. Or don’t turn right and very soon you’ll be turning left for Caribbean Beach or right for Boardwalk.

I rented a tent/pop-up site at Fort Wilderness because the birthday kid says the best ride at WDW is the bus to the parks. I then listed the 8 drivers in our group and the kid as guests staying at the tent site, which we split the cost of among the drivers. Every morning we drove to FW, parked and got on a bus. Or the boat.

If we stay at Cypress Pointe again and valet parking is on at the deluxe resorts I might do that instead. Especially if we’re only 3 or 4.

Wow genius with the tent idea…

Got the idea from here.

Drivers’ magic bands opened the gate.
Non driving adults and kids were in the vehicles, but only needed the driver magic bands to get in resort parking.