What is your favorite stop and smell the roses thing to do in WDW

Mine would be to stop for the drummers in Africa in Animal Kingdom. When we pass through and they are playing, I will always stop and ask my wife if she minds staying and watching. She has always said she will and she seems to enjoy it too.

Whenever we see them, we will stop. Every time.


I love grabbing a drink at Rose & Crown and either sitting by the water or back in the garden area and people watching.


AK- Harambe Market. In the back by the fence so I can wave at the people on the train.

EPCOT - sitting on a bench in the UK pavilion - behind the stores

MK - this is a new Discovery, but Tom Sawyer island.
Also the rocking chairs down by the water across from Big Thunder.
The rocking chairs on the porch in Liberty Square.

HS- I have yet to find such a spot there.


Animals at AKL or this bench in the Gorilla Falls Trail, I can’t really tell you where it is but if you just sit there for an hour, different herds of different animal breeds will keep coming by.


Epcot - Voices of Liberty (a true “must do” for me)
Magic Kingdom - PeopleMover (not only my favorite ride, but really feels like a stop and smell the roses type of thing)…if I can’t count that then I’ll say eating the fruit/nutella waffle behind the Ye Old Christmas shoppe
Hollywood Studios - Walking through the Walt Museum
Animal Kingdom - Listening to the musicians that are located across from Flame Tree BBQ


I don’t know how to be this person. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Ok but being pretty much anywhere in Batuu and just hanging out is :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:. I have often sipped a blue milk in the First Order area, or stopped by the Falcon and watched people take pictures / selfies with it. Or stand in the marketplace and appreciate the attention to detail in the eaves and trellis. Usually while I’m waiting for Rider Swap. :sweat_smile:


AK - the tiger enclosure.
MK - Barbershop Quartet
Epcot - trains near Germany
HS - :woman_shrugging:


My only understanding of Star Wars is “The Mandalorian.” And I can’t say I understand where he fits in the storyline, but I love the show. Thanks to Grogu. My first time riding MFSR and Rise was last December on the trip with the husband who grew up on Star Wars. (I’ve never watched a movie.)
Batuu is beautiful from an aesthetic point of view.
Cerebrally, I don’t understand why. :blush:


There are very few sit down and chill spots at HS …


On our last day at MK, we made it “slow and relaxed” and went to Tom Sawyers island. It turned out to be a highlight - you feel transported to another place. I also think Swiss Family Treehouse is a pretty good place to slow it down and smell the roses.


I am usually go go go but in DLP my son and I sat in the Marvel area with a fountain drink and just went from super hero show to superhero show. We accidentally had prime seating for the Wakanda warriors snd also saw Loki and Thor. The show times are not announced so we were surprised which was fun.

I also love just walking around Batuu. I have stopped and played a card game, interacted with stormtroopers, saw Chewbacca. I love the surprise interactions there too.


I’m With OP, stopping to hear the performers at AK was my favorite pause in our plans.

Also some stops around world show case, like when we went to the fish and chips stand for a snack to share and we sat—- oh that was so nice.


MK: People Mover

Epcot: MOROCCO. All of it. Wandering around the back alleys… they usually aren’t that peopley. Also, love the waterfall area in Canada. The cute tables in Germany to sit with a beer and people watch. A ride on Three Caballeros at the end of the night when I’ve had one too many drinks lol.

DHS: exactly what @Jeff_AZ said.

AK: Nomad Lounge. A shady spot in Pandora with lumpia in hand. Sitting and watching the monkeys in the relative center of the park. I could watch them all day!


My DH runs into this problem a lot there. He often finds himself on a bench on the road to ToT, over by the restrooms by the shops. He gets looks from people about him dating to cross/stretch out his legs into the street, but he’s just trying to get comfortable with a bad back.


Finally, my kind of thread!

All we do is stop and smell the roses. And every time (except our long trip when masks were still enforced) we’ve walked away with fantastic spontaneous moments we would have missed running from one attraction to another.

It gives me the freedom to see things like Gino getting frustrated with his teenagers but super patient with the littlest one. Or CM’s making magic for families. Like the forty billion times DS had to do the zip line at DCA and the CM who would steal his Donald hat and wear it to usher new guests into the attraction on it (with Donald’s little body hanging off the back of the hat :rofl::rofl:)


Literally the only place I could think of to sit at HS.


Backlot Express has a huge covered outdoor area which is usually where I go hide.


This sounds nice. Do you remember if the chairs had backs to them?

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I love to stop and listen to the Main Street Philharmonic. I love their music!


Yes they do. My other spot is the picnic tables by the boat, but they don’t have backs so I didn’t mention them.

Thinking of other benches, the queue to the LM show has benches in the shade in it.