What is your favorite Epcot festival?

What is your favorite Epcot event? And why?

Food & Wine, Garden, etc.

I have zero to compare to so I’ll say Festival of the Arts! We were so happy to learn that it was happening when we’d be there.
The weather was great, warm and dry. I think the other festivals suffer a bit from extreme heat/humidity at times.
It was nice to have more food choices and activities at Epcot this time around.

I would love to try Festival of the Arts!

Between Food and Wine and Flower and Garden, I much prefer the Flower and Garden festival. I find the crowds are lower and I like the lighter food choices and I preferred the drinks too. I love how the park is decorated and I have a soft spot for the butterfly pavilion.
That being said I like both, my husband like Food and Wine.

DH and I have done F&W several times, and after this last year, we have to give the edge to F&G, even though we’ve only done it once (but going again in a couple of weeks!) The food just isn’t as inventive as it used to be at F&W. After perusing this year’s F&G menu, and to see how well-received and creative the food was at FotA, I’m excited.

Epcot is also at its prettiest during F&G. :sunny: