What is your favorite country in EP WS?

What is your favorite country in Epcot World Showcase, and why? Go!

So hard to choose. As I think about this, I can rattle off something great about each one. But, they all have weak points too.

Generally, they all sort of balance each other out.

But, Germany is probably my favorite. Great shops, counter service & table service restaurant, beer cart, karamel kuchen, and lovely landscaping and themeing.
Japan is my number 2.
France & UK are tied for my number 3.


Mexico has a lot to offer, but is always packed!
Germany is also cool but the food is lacking.
Italy has Via Napoli, which for my $ is an amazing place to eat.
UK has the best bar atmosphere
Canada has the best beer cart.

All around I would have to give it to Mexico tho.


I love Canada because of the film. My family thinks it is the perfect cure for an insomniac - but I love it. Also love the American Adventure. France is great for the food and general ambiance.


I really like Morocco. Haven’t tried the food, but the shops are cool and it smells so good!


It is a hard choice…I like Mexico with the pyramid and market-place and especially La Cava…but i think my favorite would be France…I like the courtyard look and really like Les Halles…Italy also gets honorable mention.

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Definitely Germany for me. The architecture is my favorite, BG is one of my favorite restaurants in WDW, cool shops, and of course Karamel Kuche. But my German ancestry may have something to do with this. The others all have plusses and minuses that make it hard to “rate” them against one another.

Hands down its Germany for me. But I am 3/4 German, I love beer and I have a soft spot for oom-pah bands. I love the GemĂĽtlichkeit! Japan is second and Mexico third.