What is typically the best room deal?

I see people talking about MVT deals, renting DVC points, bounce back offers, and AP discounts? We have a party of 6 and typically get two rooms at moderates for a week-long–7 night, 8 day stay. First time with AP and first time going more than 1x in a year (3 trips in 2018-2019). How might I get the best room deal to get a good deal on moderates or get a deluxe for close to moderate prices? Are values ever discounted much? What have your experiences been recently?

I have been wondering about this myself. I haven’t looked into renting DVC, but within the past year I have compared MVT room-only discounts with discounts from Disney. I have yet to find a discount from Disney that is better than the room-only discount I’ve received from MVT. I’ll be interested to hear what others say because DVC rental intrigues (and scares!) me.

I have not checked against renting DVC points but my guess is that that may be the best deal for many times of the year. I do not think renting points or any other discount can beat MVT Labor Day rates but in both of those cases (always DVC) you are only looking at deluxe resorts. A MVT agency exclusive has been my best rate compared to AP and Bounce Back. Last year I compared free dining and for what I was doing that trip Disney’s free dining was the best deal for next- better than MVT Labor Day.

Years ago you could get an AKL standard room on an AP rate for around $200. Disney just doesn’t offer those amazing deals any more.

Short answer: Best deals are Disney’s Military rates. If you qualify, ask for those. They’re 5-10% deeper discounts than any AP, Disney Visa, or other discount rates.

Renting DVC points intrigues me, and I may go for it on one of my next trips. You can potentially get a studio at some of the lower-point DVC resorts for similar to the cost of a moderate.

After that, your best bet is generally to find a TA(group) that has booked a block of rooms for something specific that you can get into, for example, if your TA has a block for one of the race weekends, you may be able to get into it, even if you’re not doing the races, because the TA(team) has contracted to fill them to get the rate they have.

We have booked Direct with Disney for years, and then discovered MVT. They saved us quite a bit at a moderate resort this past Jan (around $60 per night savings). We are renting points for our next trip in Jan 2019. We are paying about the same rate per night, but at a Deluxe resort.

MVT has unbeatable prices for Labor Day week, but with young kids I can’t justify missing the first/second week of school.

This is my first time renting points, but if you want to stay deluxe for the price of moderate it seems to be the way to go!

I booked the MVT fall special at Poly for Aug 15 to Aug 27. We are taking our grandson who is still school age. He doesn’t start school until after Labor Day so he will not miss out on any school days. Looking at booking the same through the Disney web site it would have cost me an extra $4500. Unfortunately I can’t get Disney’s trip insurance using MVT and will have to find it elsewhere.

@DocHopper Have you been in August before? How is the heat?

How do you find TAs with blocks of rooms for race weekends. MVT is the only one I knew that bought blocks of rooms.

There’s actually a decent sized list of TAs with room blocks. If you go to the runDisney website, pick your event and then registration. Scroll down and you will see a list of travel providers. I was able to register for a “sold out” race through one of them.

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That’s awesome!! I want to do the princess race next year and have so many questions. But that’s a place to start!! Do you know when they will release the information for next year?

I know that for the marathon (in January) the registration begins in April. I would check the runDisney in the next month or so and then sign up for an email alert for the Princess. They will email you dates for registration. If you happen to be an AP or DVC member, you can register early.

Not for a very long time though I have been to Florida in August and it was VERY hot and humid. We will be going in August this year as MVT had a Labor Day Special I could not pass up. Taking the Grandson so it should be interesting. :upside_down_face:

The difference between MVT and other agencies that buy blocks of rooms is that they guarantee Disney they if the client backs out, they will eat the bill so to speak. Disney in turn gives them a better rate that those that will not cover the bill if client declines set part of block. Therefore you can find other agencies that buy blocks of rooms but you won’t get the deep discount of MVT. The Big book explains this as well.

This year, I’ve done all but the bounce-back (and only because the didn’t have the room I was looking for!). Renting DVC has shown for the most part to be the best deal I’ve found, but you need to do that EARLY, especially if you want a studio at something like Beach Club, Boardwalk or BLT. MVT Labor Day deals are the best - we’re staying at Poly for the first time since our honeymoon on that one. After that, I’ve found MVT and AP rates vary on which is the best, but the AP availability has been horrible so I’m often glad I already had an MVT deal by the time the AP rates finally materialize. The only AP deal I booked this year was in January during a very slow time and only 3 nights. Other than that, we did MVT in February and have MVT for April and Labor Day and DVC rental for June and December. My MVT agent is fine with booking an MVT deal and if the AP rate comes out better, she switches me. It pays to shop around.

I am curious to hear how it is in August! I saw that deal and almost went for it, but being from New England I don’t think I could handle the heat lol

My wife hates the heat and humidity in Florida in August but the deal was too good to pass up and our Grandson could come without missing any school. We are from ND so we are more used to cold than heat though the summers do get hot here as well.

Just wanted you to know that I received an email from the TA I used for the upcoming Dark Side race and she said she is now selling bibs for the Princess in 2019.

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