What is the worse time of the day to arrive at Epcot please?

Hi, I was wondering when the masses generally arrive each day? Is it between 9-10am or is it quite spread out between 9-11am? On our Epcot days we are planning on arriving between 9-10am, when the park will open at 8&9am. Would we be better waiting until after 10am? will the queue to get in have gone down by then? it will be CL9&10. We are doing RD every other day of our holiday and we’ll have an evening earlier in the week with FP’s at CL6.

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What will your plan be that day? Will you be focusing on three FPs and WS?

Current plan is on Friday evening we’ll have 3 FP to do Soarin, Figment, Nemo, and should be able to fit in the other shows on that side. So Monday will be SE, MS, TT for DH, and Frozen for girls, plus Ellen, and then lunch at Biergarten, 1:30ish. Flexible afternoon and evening, hopefully a couple of hours in WS depending how everyone feels. Tuesday repeating SE, & Frozen before 11:30am Akershus lunch, then flexible afternoon, hopefully another couple of hours in WS and repeat Figment if we want to, and maybe have a rest before 6pm ish dinner at Park Fare. Mon & Tues are our half days, and the last 2 full days of our holiday.

We were there during beginning of April and found the first hour (especially during EMH) to be the quietest. We were coming through the international gateway and it was very nice walking in showcase with minimal people. However even at that time - the line for TT and Mission Space got long quick as Soarin was closed.

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Maybe it’s just me, but EPCOT seldom feels super “crowded” to me, even at busy times like July or Thanksgiving. The park is so big, people are somewhat able to spread out. I think this is even true at the entrance and coming through the turnstiles. I’ve never felt like the crowds/lines were oppressive no matter what time I got there (RD, mid-morning, lunch, afternoon…). The only place I feel the crowds is in the land pavilion around mid day on busy days, and then the lines at Soarin and TT, pretty much all the time except the first and last hours the park is open.

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