What is the quantitative difference between a level 4 and a level 6 crowd?

I don’t know if I missed this in the Disney book, but I printed off the crowd levels of the parks on different days, and to fit in 4 days at Disney and 2 days at Universal, I had to do some trade ups on crowd level days, to try to keep all days at 6 or under. So, my question is, how much different is a crowd level 4 from a crowd level 6, or from one crowd level to the next level? Does each number represent a certain number of people at the park, or the average wait times, or what?


Usually not too much. A good touring plan (you zig when others zag) more than makes up for this.

The CL is all about the wait times at certain popular attractions in the busiest part of day. See here for more details if interested:


I assume you based your schedule by using the Crowd Calendar predictions. I always encourage planners to look at last years (12 months before your days) comparable days. The past years documented crowd levels are sometimes more accurate than the crowd calendar when predicting crowd levels. At the least, it’s another informative tool. Of course, you’ll need to make sure the hours/events are similar to get the best prediction. You can find that here:


Scroll down to your month to see the past years CL’s, and then you can click on a specific day to get more info like hours, etc.

I’ll be interested to hear if they are different than the predicted CL’s.


I understand the sentiment in this statement…but I also find it somewhat annoying, because if you are planning to use a Touring Plan regardless, then there is nothing to “make up” for. The difference in the CLs should have a theoretical quantifiable difference, all other factors kept the same.

Also, if a CL 8 and a CL 6 have no perceptible difference, then why is there a difference measured?

And if an 8 is like a 6, and a 6 is like a 4, and a 4 is like a 2…then can’t we say an 8 and a 2 will seem the same?

I guess my point is…we all know a good Touring Plan helps. But assuming the same Touring Plan in either case…what would the difference ACTUALLY be between that
4 and that 6? (In as much as can be predicted and assumed to be accurate, which is likely a bigger variable than we want to admit )

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Each park has an article that tells you wait times by CL.

Here is Magic Kingdom to start:

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Hollywood studios: Hollywood Studios Crowd Levels

Animal Kingdom:


^^Oops - and now that I’ve posted everything, I see that @bebe80 did the same. My apologies!

Looking at the wait times in this articles really helped to temper my expectations for waits.


Thanks everyone!! The graphs of wait times based on crowd level is EXACTLY what I was looking for!


We can say it. We could say the moon is made of green cheese.

A crowd level difference of 2 isn’t enough to sway me from one park to another - levels are too similar. A difference of 4 might and 6 would definitely.

Tho I’m usually out of a park by noon, cuz zigging. Or whatever. :smile: