What is the logic for not putting Hagrids first on "optimized" touring plan for early entry plans?

I wonder if the logic/rules are outdated because my understanding is Hagrids is now open during early entry? I keep manually moving it to first on my list and then “optimize” the plan and it keeps moving the Harry Potter type rides lower in my list?

Also, it seems to suggest there is a virtual line for Hagrids which I don’t think is true anymore.

Just trying to figure out the logic to see if I am crazy or if the program knows something I don’t? Thanks!

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Yes, ride Hagrid first. I’ll pass this along to the team.


It may or may not be a mistake.

See, when optimizing, the software is looking to optimize overall lowest wait times, NOT lowest wait times for any given ride. In order to give you overall lower wait times, it might mean suggesting you wait considerably longer for one ride in exchange for little to no wait for others. Some are bothered by this, but it makes sense.

So, in the screenshot you provided, while everyone else is going to ride Hagrid’s first thing, you get to ride two popular attractions with almost no wait. If, however, you put Hagrid’s first, then while your wait time for Hagrid’s might be lower, your wait time for Spider-Man and Kong increase dramatically. To make up an example, if you do Hagrid’s first for a wait time of 20 minutes, but then having a 30 minute wait for Spider-Man and 30 minute wait for Kong, your total wait time for those three ride climbs to 80 minutes. If you do Hagrid’s as it shows there, your total wait time for the same three rides is 69 minutes. So, despite the signfiicantly longer wait for Hagrid’s, you end up spending less time in line overall.

ETA: To see this played out, try placing Hagrid’s first manually, and instead of optimize, evaluate, to see how it affects the wait times over all (not just that single ride).


I do know there is a danger in heading straight for Hagrid’s at RD because ride testing may not be complete.

Having said that, I have not been to UO since Hagrid has opened and will be making a beeline there when we go back this coming summer!

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If (and that’s a big IF) you are at the very front of the RD crowd and can guarantee that you can still be there when the rope drops and the Universal team members get out of the way of stampeding guests, then maybe ignore the touring plan.

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When should you arrive at IOA when it has early entry?

30-45 minutes before Early Park Admission start time if you want to be in front.


We’re there today and seems like more toward the 45 min mark is best on busy days. We got there 30 early and were still a fair bit back in the line to get in.


If you can be at front front of EE pack then going early is a good strat but if you’re a bit behind you get caught in the crush and have a huge wait. In that case better to monitor the wait times during the day and pop over when it goes lower. Best we saw was 65 mins but it does keep moving due to no Express pass acceptance.


I think the logic (2 park one day w/early opening) assumes Universal Studios has early opening and Island of Adventure does not.
The day I’m going later this month, IOA has early opening, but US does not.
The first rides suggested by the 2 parks one day plan w/early entry are in US and won’t even be open during the early entry hour.

Thanks for the tip. Based on your comment, are you suggesting if you are not early enough within EE window you could be longer than 65 minutes even during EE time?


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Yes. Ditto. This has happened to me. We went on a 10 and were there 35 min before opening and didn’t get off Hagrids till early entry was over. The next Saturday we got there an hour early and were 2nd in line in our turnstile. Had ticket issues and had to let people go in front of us but still were off Hagrids 10-15 of early entry. It makes a big diff where you are in that line.

If you think about it. You’re still waiting an hour to ride Hagrids but you’re doing it during pre-entry time. Or you can wait an hour at closing and wait that same hour. It was posted 90 min when we went in Jan right at closing and was more like 40-45. But we got in during the day the next day when it was post 75 min and it truly was 75 min so I think first or last is your best bet (you should really do both!). It’s that good a ride and better at night.


Ditto the better at night. If you can get the first ride vehicle even better, it has the motorcycle headlight.

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This happened to us! Such an amazing experience.