What is the "grace period" for FPP?

I have a 1900 PF at 5pm.

I could only get a Jingle Cruise FPP for 5:30p-6:30p, nothing later right now, I think we can assume people are using their party tix to book fpp’s, but I digress.

Is there any way I’m going to make it to Jungle Cruise by 6:30p? If not, what is the “grace period”?

I don’t want to underestimate the possibility of long lines as we try to re-enter the park, too.

Thanks all!!

PS we are staying for the party, too. That’s why we’re going back.

I believe it’s 5 mins before and up to 15 minutes after your scheduled window. I haven’t eaten at 1900 PF though so I can’t confirm the possibility. As with most character meals though I’d guess an hour minimum to dine plus travel time back. I think it would be pretty close. Maybe if you showed up for the ADR 20 or so minutes early they could seat you earlier and allow you to get out earlier.


Thank you! That 15 minutes will help!

I do plan to arrive early. I need to find out when it opens; I thought 5p was the earliest seating.

If the monorail is running, OLP Trans Wiz says I can get to the MK in 10 mins. I am worried, though, that lines to re-enter will be long. I’ve been looking into strategies for that, like, which bag-checks & tapstiles to seek out (or go w/o bag).

I will also keep an eye out for a later fpp. It was there earlier this morning, I swear.

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We found that restaurants would let you check in a maximum of 15 minutes early for an ADR, so if you show up at 1900 at 4:45 you probably will have a good chance of being seated quickly.

Also, don’t underestimate the ability to change FP the day of. They release FP for day guests every morning. I bet you will be able to move JC to a later time. Check the night before and that morning.

Actually, I didn’t know they held some back for day guests! I will keep checking!

I do have a back-up plan, but it’s even more inconvenient: 1900PF 6:20p followed by TTDP earlier in the week. But as we’ll be staying at YC that part of the trip, I’d rather hang out at nearby F&W that night!

If I didn’t think DD would absolutely love 1900PF, I’d drop it. I’m also looking forward to telling the stepsisters that tween DS brought one of them a ring. He’ll DIE.


Hmm, there is a 4:30p seating. Will add that to my list of ADRs to try to move around. As difficult as it’s been to get ADRs at all, though, I’d say I have a better chance of staying in the Cinderella Suite. I’ll show up at 4:30p anyway. And if we miss our JC, we’ll ride it standby during the party. :smile:

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I think an early dinner at 1900 before an evening in MK sounds like a great plan. I bet it will work out.

Thank you :smile:

@SallyEppcot- that is interesting to hear that they are releasing extra fps for day folks. I had a feeling that could be happening, since I saw concierge at our hotel get 3 headliners for a guest for AK one day while he was at her desk, around 11ish. The fps were for the afternoon, which I would def not want to be at AK afternoon in mid august, but that’s when he seemed to want them.

I also heard from a CM at AK that week that folks were getting angry at CMs when just walking into parks latish, not being able to get healdiner fps that day. So maybe the e ticket extras are running out midday and later, for those people.

I do think its a nice thing that disney is taking into account some are not aware of new fpp format, and so releasing more that day. also seems unfair that CMs had to deal with the angry ones, so hopefully some of that is being resolved.

Ahh! Don’t quote me on that. It was my impression that they released FP at 60 days, 30 day and same-day. I could be totally wrong!

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I think you may be right, though. I did get that impression while hanging out at concierge’s desk that day. If it is right, it’s a nice gesture on the part of wdw. I have a feeling, especially during early days of fpp plus as now, there are some fams showing up clueless how to deal with the new format.

I wonder how much CM discretion there is with FPP grace periods.

We were more than 10 minutes, but less than 15 minutes, late to our Spaceship Earth FPP in May. (In a friendly way) I told the CM I was bummed because I thought there was a grace period. She said “not officially” and that when it’s busy (which it wasn’t) she wouldn’t even let someone use FPP when they were 5 minutes late!!

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@Sally_Carrera - That is a not very good thing to hear, that a CM would say that. In the UG and I believe in the PTP the 5 min b4 and 15 min after grace periods are stated, used really as guidelines.

I’m wondering if this instance should be brought up to Len? If we are all basing our TPs on this grace period, we surely don’t want to have them thrown off by some of the CMs.