What is the current status of leading and overlapping reservations and the umbrella policy?

We are headed to the world August 13th-24th with another family. I am thinking of booking an overlapping reservation August 7th-24th (14 days). I understand the rolling FP no longer exists. Would this overlapping reservation allow me to book my FPs at Saturday June 8th and hold onto them after cancelling it once I’m within the 60 day window of my true reservation? Also, would I be able to book FPs at this time for my MDE friends who are traveling with us if they do not do an overlapping reservation? I haven’t heard much about this lately so I’m wondering where things stand at this moment in time… knowing full well anything could change in the next month.

I’ll start with the umbrella booking for your friends:
That still works as long as you are linked in MDE as family and friends.

  • However, they now need to be in an FP party with at least one person who is staying onsite, no way to over-ride that now.
  • And once you book, the FPs cannot be changed for the offsite people at least until the 30 day mark. After that I think they can be modified but not 100% certain.

ETA - I see they are staying onsite, so they should be able to modify at 60 days.

Up until fairly recently, as in the last 5-7 days, as long as you waited until you were within 30 days, the only FPs that were actually cancelled were those for which there was no corresponding onsite reservation for.

However it now seems they are tracking FPs that were booked more than 60 days out from the remaining onsite reservation. At first this was just for AP holders, now that has spread to those with just tickets. Some have actually lost their FPs, most after getting a warning email but not always.

So the answer is that you can’t be sure you won’t lose those FPs. Fast passes started being physically deleted from about Tuesday / Wednesday last week. Those were for AP holders. But later on last week, from Friday onwards, others reported losing them too.

There isn’t a consistent experience yet though. You may be absolutely fine.


Thanks so much for that information. Yikes. I haven’t been paying attention for the last month or so. Is there a thread that is tracking this? We do have APs. Since we will be rolling with 8 people, I’m not willing to risk losing FPs that we book.

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I’m trying to follow up on further developments, and updated this thread:

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Anyone know if a Disney Springs reservations vs a Disney reservation has any bearing on fastpass cancellations in regards to leading reservations and/or canceled reservations.

So are leading reservations having the FPs cancelled as well? I have been testing this lately and only the FPs from the cancelled (leading reservation) were “flagged” by Disney (they did not cancel them, however I cannot modify them) and the FPs for the 2nd stay remained (and I was able to modify them).

I am wondering if Disney will flag/remove the FPs for the 2nd stay at a later time? Since I am only testing and it’s not an actual reservation I need, I like to cancel after a few days.

I have been testing with an annual pass and did this as recently as yesterday.

Thanks. I guess I’m going to have to catch up on that thread and also find out who is testing on Disboards. The last couple of threads I followed on this got shut down.

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What exactly did you do? The timeline etc? When did you book the eservation, when did you cancel, how many days out …

Normally the email would be sent after a couple of days after cancellation, giving you a day or two warning. Then the FPs would be cancelled.

Good question. I have no idea but I would assume that since all FP bookings are handled by MDE, Disney can treat them just like they would treat the reservations under their own resorts. But you never know with Disney IT.

That is exactly what some have found. Initially just the FPs during the cancelled part of the stay. But lately all FPs were deleted, even when the cancellation was within 30 days.

And this wasn’t only testing, these are real reservations in some cases.

I think they are testing out their ability to “track” when FPs were booked and cancel any made with an advantage which no longer exists. Initially, the reports were from AP holders who were then left with more than 7 days worth of FPs, which is perhaps a separate scenario. But the latest ones were from non-AP holders.

I had a leading reservation booked and made my fastpasses April 25th. I then adjusted the leading by 2 days, and checked if it did anything to my FPs, nothing.
My actual 60 day opened April 29th. I checked availability for FOP before canceling :slight_smile: and then canceled my leading reservation April 29th in the AM. After, I went in and adjusted a couple of FPs, and added another day of FPs at Epcot.
I technically ended up not needing the leading reservation, as there was plenty of availability. The main reason I had it was we are a party of 8, and, I had a 4 resort split, so I wanted to make sure my window opened for all my stays with enough time incase it didn’t work to get it fixed without missing FPs. (since there have been issues reported in the past)

I started reading reports right after I did all this, of people losing FPs, etc. So I still check everyday.
Never again, too stressful. :neutral_face:


Keep us posted! Hope everything sticks!

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I would book a leading reservation for 60 days out and then the 2nd reservation for 65 days out. I would then cancel the leading reservation on day 59 of the 2nd stay. And yes, I would get the emails about my FPs being cancelled that were booked for the leading stay. But my FPs for the leading stay have never been cancelled, they are still there, I just can’t modify them. The FPs for the 2nd stay are still there and I can modify them (I have not received an email about these being deleted).

I did this last week and then also over the last few days.

I have my real FP day coming up soon, so I was checking to see what was happening.


Ok. Finally set up my own test and will be happy to report back.


are these both onsite stays or just the leading reservation?

All are onsite.

So not sure if anyone saw the posts in the FP thread on disboards but a poster had an onsite split stay with family (which is essentially a leading reservation without an overlapping stay).

1.Part of the family were doing Stay A and Stay B, part of the family was only joining them during Stay B.

  1. All FP were made at 60 days from Stay A for all family members across the entire split stay A & B. I’m guessing Stay B people were pulled in under the umbrella policy.

  2. Stay A was cancelled 31-60 days out due to unforeseen circumstances. All FPs from Stay A were immediately cancelled (as expected) PLUS the FPs from the overlapping check-out/check-in day were cancelled for the folks in Stay A AND Stay B - even though Stay B people have an onsite reservation and ticket entitlements. BUT the FPs from the rest of Stay B are still there for the family members who have that reservation.

That seems to be the case across all the split stay reports I’ve run across. Can someone explain why that one day of FPs was lost for Stay B?

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This is concerning to me, as I’ve set up an overlapping dummy reservation across my entire split stay (4 days @ WL, 4 days @ BW), hoping to get FOP later in the trip. Not sure I will get the timeslot I need at 63 or 64. As I understand what you’ve shared, ALL of my FPs will be cancelled when I cancel the dummy reservation (since all days are overlapping).

I have until August though, so I’m sure there will be more clarity by then.

Looks like I did my reservations right before they started canceling FPs for “leading” reservations that are canceled.
I am guessing they started enforcing May 1-?

I’m not sure that would be the case. I could be reading it wrong but it seems that the FPs on the check-out/check-in day were being attached to Stay A (which was cancelled) even though one could argue that they should be attached to Stay B.

If you don’t cancel your stay A or B, I would assume that your FPs would remain once you cancel the dummy reservation since you are still onsite for all 8 days. But that’s just me trying to think this through. I also have a trip mid-August and am hoping for the same clarity. I don’t want to risk messing anything up with FPs since we are setting them up for our friends too.