What is the best package to purchase?

What is the best package to buy for a 2 day/2 park pass for 6 people (2 adults, 2 nine year old boys and 2 15 year old girls) in the middle of June?
Are the meal vouchers worth it?
If we have a park plan through this website…do we need fast passes?

The best thing to do is not get a package. You will get better deals buying your components separately. Tickets are usually best bought through a site like Undercover Tourist, where you can get better prices and the taxes are already included. The quick-service meal plan can be worth it, depending on what you eat, but you can make that decision at the time you buy your entree and purchase it then and there. If you get an expensive entree and expensive snack, you will save money, but more often than not you won’t.

Are you staying on site? If so, I would highly recommend staying at one of the hotels that offers Express Pass included. Having Express Pass will make your trip much more relaxing and stress-free. If you are not staying on site, you can choose to purchase Express Pass the day of if you feel that you need it. Either way, I always make touring plans to give me a good handle on where the crowds tend to be at certain times of the day.