What is open prior to official park open?

Hello- is there a thread or list somewhere that says which rides are running before official open? I don’t want to waste time heading to rides that aren’t open at that time. Thanks!!

From reports I don’t think there is a hard and fast rule about what rides are open. I think it depends on when safety checks are complete as to when the CMs at each ride will open up.

The MDE app should show which rides are running.

When we were there a couple of weeks ago it was MK: 7DMT, PP, Splash, (before it went down for awhile…) & BTMRR.

We went over to Pirates after that.

DHS: We did, SDD, MFSR, RnR & ToT.

AK: We did, FoP, Na’vi, EE, Safaris

EP we did FEA x2, TT, Soarin’

Over in WDW Lines Chat people post each day many times about what is open.