What is it really like?

I can’t find as detailed info on US as I can DW. What are the crowds like right now? Are restaurants open? Can you do all the rides? We have been once before. What would be the major differences now? TIA

We’ll be there in August. For the most part, everything is open. A few shows I think aren’t, but crowds are still quite low.

The biggest issue I saw was just in how UOR was handling food in the parks, leading to long waits.

Like Disney, we are looking forward to the low crowds and minimal planning. Not looking forward to wearing masks in the August heat, but what can you do? Fortunately, a great deal many of the rides at UOR are inside…plus there are several U-Rest areas.


I’m going to recommend you watch Rix Flix on Youtube. He goes to Universal almost daily.

There really isn’t much that is shut down. They still do shows, but socially distanced. You can still meet characters - from 6’ away. All the rides are operating - although the water effects / mist seem to be off some days, but not always.

IMHO - They are doing a better job than WDW at reopening.


Thanks for posting this. Even if I have no trips coming up, it was interesting to watch. I miss it!

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This is very helpful. Thanks!

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