What is included in free Disney Dining?

Hi. This is my first post on the Forum, hope I've put in right place. I have been reading the chat for a while and got loads of great tips. Have booked for me, DH, DS11 and DD8 from 10/16 - 10/30 and have free dining. As staying at WL at time of booking said we were upgraded from quick service to regular. I was wondering if we would still be entitled to 1 QS, 1 TS and 1 snack per night or if free dining was different somehow. I've made a few ADRs and didn't want a shock when we get the bill!! Oh travelling from UK don't know if that makes a difference. Any help would be great. Thanks

You are correct @GinnyC. 1TS, 1QS and 1 snack per nights stay. Remember gratuity is not included in most cases so you'll need to budget for that. I hope you have a great time.

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Yes, you are correct. The regular Disney Dining Plan includes 1 QS, 1 TS and 1 snack per night of your stay. Here's a good FAQ about the DDP that might give you more details.

Your credits are pooled for the room, and you can use them however you choose. Sharing meals is OK, as is paying out of pocket for anything you choose. You tell the servers how you want your credits to be applied. I found it fun to think outside the box a bit and maximize value per credit. wink

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Thanks @bwalker75 and @SallyEpp_cot for your replies. That's great I can now continue planning, this is fun!!

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One of my besties is from the UK and tipping always confuses her. So i will talk to you as if i were writing to her. My apologies if you know this already.

At table service restaurants, your bill will show a suggested gratuity amount at the bottom. It won't be automatically charged. It will show a couple amounts because some people tip more toward 18%, some 20%. The amounts are guidelines. You can leave cash on the table, or you can write an amount on the slip and sign the slip to charge the gratuity to a credit card immediately or use your Magic Band to charge a tip amount to your room account.

If leaving cash, we always draw a line through the tip line on the bill and write 'on table' so the server knows and so someone doesn't try to come along later and try to 'correct' our 'error' if you know what I mean!!

Table service restaurants are about the only tipped position allowed in WDW. Bell services in the hotels, housekeeping, valet car parking attendants as well. Spa and spa salon stylists. Others are supposed to wave off tips. (Did I miss anyone?)

Thanks @getglowing that's really helpful. Tipping is really different here in UK, its not always expected and we tend to only tip if the service is good. That probably sounds a bit mean doesn't it? I was wondering if you can help with another tipping query I have to do with housekeeping. I've read that $1-2 per guest per night, is that about right and do you just leave it in the room each day or at the end of your stay?

Well, it's not mean if the wait staff is paid a decent wage! In that case, the tip is just extra appreciation. But in the US it is different because most food wait staff are paid significantly less than minimum wage, assuming they'll more than make up for it in tips, so it's like the tip means something different here... I wish it were more like the UK system. smile

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Opinions differ on tips for "Mousekeeping." It's optional, in my opinion. If you choose to leave a tip, my guidelines have always been $1-$2 per guest per day. I suggest daily gratuities because you may have a different Mousekeeper each day (and ... if you wait until the end to tip, they won't know you even intend to tip. I think it's always nice to set that expectation up front if you're going to do it.